Forstall’s firing from inside Apple

I’ve been hearing similar things.

  • Zeatrix

    Maybe I just got lucky but when Forstall didn’t make an appearance at the last product launch I thought of the section in the Job’s biographie where Steve fires the MobileMe manager and thought: Maybe Forstall is getting the can for Maps?

    • Adriano Geletes

      Well, I thought he was at the keynote, sitting in the front line. He didn’t appeared on stage or in the ads. Again, I am not sure, have to see the keynote again.

      • gjgustav

        I remember seeing him in the audience. At the time, people shrugged it off as “of course he’s not speaking, there’s no iOS stuff to talk about.”

  • The “schedule-driven follies” section of this linked article is fear mongering. Okay, maybe Siri didn’t need to be released as beta, but I think everyone is in agreement that Maps had to be pushed out before the Google contract expired mid iOS cycle.

    • I agree. I’d be on the lookout for more rampant speculation about things like this due to the highly-publicized shakeup.

      To me, the best news is that Cook is not afraid to get rid of those people who are not working currently … even if it is his own hire and is a quick fire (e.g. John Browett).

    • Steven Fisher

      I never had a 4S, but I do have an iPhone 5. I’m sure it’s improved incredibly since the 4S, but reading reports that Siri still isn’t ready makes me take that with a grain of salt. Siri now is definitely ready. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty amazing.

  • Boo

    The real reason they let him go was Tim got sick of hiring people to replace those Forstall vaporized with his laser vision. ;P