‘Said another way, it’s bullshit’

MG Siegler on Google’s reasons for shipping the Nexus 4 without LTE.

  • Canucker

    The Nexus 4 is otherwise known as a flagshit device.

    • studuncan

      That’s actually a very good meme.

  • Fandroid bloggers will defend this lack of LTE with a host of bullshit excuses; completely forgetting the fact that they blasted the iPhone 4 and 4S the past year for not having LTE.

  • Mother Hydra

    The apologists are out in full force- defending the lack of LTE, and oddly enough, the new-to-them glass back. Weren’t these the same people deriding apple over the 4/4S glass back? And the lack of LTE on 4S too? What an untenable position to find oneself in.