Microsoft Surface: It just works… or not

You have to feel bad for this poor guy.

  • Look at how small that up arrow is he has to tap.

    • Yeah, it’s almost as small as the “iOS app store” arrows 😉

      Seriously though, I agree with you. Forget the arrows… all the “old metaphor stuff”. Can he even read those menu items?

  • Bill0004

    What a fucking hunk of shit. Are they SERIOUS with this thing?

  • phalanx101

    Pretty sure I read that this particular user was running the Office Preview and not the updated MS Office for the Surface.

    • Jose M

      He went to a store and bought a Surface RT. It’s the retail version.

      • phalanx101

        Obviously but if you Mac fanboys would do your research you’d realize they already pushed out an update for Office addressing this issue.

        • Jose M

          Still, what a great out of the box experience… What about the other serious issues he highlighted on his videos? Any updates for those yet?

          • phalanx101

            Actually yes, the typing issue has been fixed. And speaking of great out of the box experiences, what about atennagate or the maps fail from Apple?

          • Jose M

            What about the blank screen in mail client issue? That’s great that everything got fixed just after it launched, amazing.. ly stupid.

            Maps fail and antennagate? Is that the best you have? I’ve been using Apple maps for turn-by-turn direction from day one – on my iPhone 4 too, no problems. But great fun having Microsoft fanboys bringing up old stuff to the table, maybe we can have some tea and talk about the Clippy.. or Microsoft Bob.

          • phalanx101

            I’ll give you the blank mail screen issue, however it might not be as much of an issue if you’re familiar with how the Win8 interface works…

            Also I’m pretty sure atennagate and maps were/are extremely widespread issues. I mean at least widespread enough where the CEO of Apple in both cases came out and offered something that resembled an apology.

          • Scruff0

            Can you explain what you meant by ‘however it might not be much of an issue if you’re familiar with how the Win8 interface works…’? If an app starts and does nothing for minutes on end (not even a visual cue) I’d assume it had hung. Not providing adequate feedback (or even the ability to cancel the op) during lengthy operations is a usability no-no. I’m aware that this is v1 for Win8, and I’m sure they’ll fix it – but first impressions stick. They have been touting the new interface for more than a year now, how could they not have envisioned this as a problem?

          • ‘Pretty sure’? Again, try facts instead of sophomoric apple hating.

          • lucascott

            Nope. The problems were not widespread, just the bitching. Shutting that up is why they made the apology. Rather than looking like douchebags by giving the haters a well deserved reality check.

            Antennagate was only an issue if your service was crap in the first place. iOS Maps is a ground up totally new app that is still better than Google was when they started some 8 years ago.

          • Maps has worked flawlessly for me and never once in two years have I had an issue with the antenna on my iPhone 4. If its a design flaw why are so few people effected?

          • terpacks

            Antennagate was a non-issue as it was found to happen to dozens of other phones as well. I’ve been using Maps extensively and have yet to run into any issue that made it feel any less effective than Google maps while it’s improved the look and feel with turn by turn. Find some better complaints.

          • Antennagate, as in the issue all phones have due to laws of physics, and ‘maps fail’ as in the maps that work just fine? Compared to poking your finger down to a nub trying to get microscopic, ported icons to respond?

        • Boo

          Only a “fanboys” , Mac, Windows, Google or Linux, bother commenting on stories like this. A fanboy using the term fanboy as in insult is silly beyond words.

    • Did the update replace the desktop Save As dialog too?

    • blaargh

      He tried to install the update a bunch of times – the options were under a completely different install prefs and he still never got it to work. Even under beta the program shouldn’t be that awful. MS has got to be joking.

  • Canucker

    It’s called a futile loop. Or futile poop. Or both.

    • Boo

      I’d say its called “inadequate bug testing”. How can a company that manages to may their OS work on so many different hardware setups screw up something so basic on a single piece of kit that they put together themselves?

  • JJAvra

    Why cherry pick only negative comments/videos/reviews of this device? Even Gruber has acknowledged and linked to exceptionally positive reviews by a number of respected sites. All you do here is perpetuate the typical image of Apple ‘fanboys’, and it’s disappointing to see.

    • because it still is half baked. Why ignore the obvious flaws in this hybrid device because of some positive aspects? By not Acknowledging the flaws you perpetuate the typical image of WIndozw ‘fanboys’, and it’s disappointing to see.

      • JJAvra

        When did I say I was ignoring the negatives? All I said is that I’m against cherry picking – and that includes both negative and positive. All I’d like is some fair coverage. Sure, express an opinion. But to completely ignore any positive coverage whilst promoting every anti-surface media he can find is unprofessional and does his audience a disservice.You can say many things about Gruber, but at least he has enough gut to admit that sometimes companies other than Apple can make great products, even those in direct competition. Jim should do the same.

      • When this site starts pointing out the obvious flaws in Apple products, I will agree that you have a point. Until then, your point is moot.

    • JJAvra

      Instead of engaging in a discussion you can sit there and down-vote me and continue living in your bubble. Fine, enjoy your time there.

      • JJAvra

        Oh the irony. It’s almost beyond satire.

    • Boo

      Great, another fanboy trying to insult and condescend to other fanboys by calling them fanboys.

      Bravo. You have created a never ending circle of stupid.

    • lucascott

      Those that only talk about the good parts need to be balanced with some negatives.

  • Jim H

    I read this guys review the other day and he said that he had uploaded all the updates (which wasn’t easy either). If I recall the typing issue wasn’t fixed for him. And a bunch of other issues were still there. So not only a bad out of the box experience for him but still not resolved even with the updates. This is not uncommon where different users have different experiences – some good and some bad. But the level of issues I saw on his original review and in a lot of other reviews indicates that this definitely was not ready to ship. While they probably will fix most if not all the issues in time, having a launch with this many problems when trying to come into the market so late is going to be tough to overcome.

  • Switching to the desktop to use an app is just ridiculous, especially since it’s office. Why wouldn’t the app just open?

    • Player_16

      Agreed. I remember in the early days of OS X, you can have OS 9 running in the background and have an alias of an OS 9 app in the dock for those needs.

    • Sasparilla

      Because Microsoft just took the desktop version of Office and recompiled it for ARM, so your stuck with the desktop. You’re right though, it should be a Metro version considering you can’t install and run desktop applications in RT.

  • Boo

    Man that interface looks cumbersome. Who wants to poke tiny interface elements to get things done? I can forgive a pre-release version of software being gitchy but this is bad design and a crappy interface for touch use.

    I’d buy an Android tablet before getting one of these things and I’d sooner set myself on fire than buy one of those.

  • chjode

    C’mon, folks. Let’s be fair. Microsoft clearly spent hours and hours testing that OS before forcing a release date in time for the holidays.

  • bobrk

    Looks like a cloud issue more than anything, but yeah, super bad loop to get into, and pretty typical of many MS products I’ve used in the past.

    • Techpm

      Cloud issue.. Good call, MS will blame the weather.

  • Typical Microsoft.

  • assassinave

    I just made an attempt to recreate this on a Office Preview build, but I was able to login fine to SkyDrive and save. Maybe it’s an RT thing. On a MBP running Parallels as well.

  • Steve

    What a horrible ux this is. And boy are those touch targets interestingly small. This was painful to watch, oh and there are many other videos depicting this as well.