Google’s Nexus 4 and Nexus 10

This is what their canceled press conference was all about.

  • Tvaddic

    Very nice prices for both

  • Great price point. $299 off contract is sweet! $399 for a 300 PPI tablet w/ 2 GB of RAM is awesome!

    All to be told is how well they work. 🙂

  • Dennis Madrid

    I agree the prices are nice, and I don’t like the bezel on the Nexus 10 either. The specs are pretty nice overall. A few points:

    4.7″ screen is HUGE for a phone. I know some people love larger screens and bigger phones, but I prefer a phone that fits in my pocket (comfortably) and in my hand. (hand and pocket size both being entirely subjective) The Nexus 4 has no LTE. HSPA+ is pretty fast, but it’s still the very end of the 3G road. The resolution on the Nexus 10 is incredible. I wonder two things: 1) If it’s possible in normal use (i.e. not holding it to your face) to tell the difference between the 300ppi Nexus 10 and the 264ppi iPad and 2) if the GPU in the Nexus 10 is capable of keeping up with demanding games at that resolution. (Basically is the higher resolution worth a possible trade-off in performance/battery life)

    -It’s slightly thinner (.5mm) and lighter (49g) than the iPad (as well as being longer and narrower). As a result the battery is smaller. Given the larger screen with higher resolution, I wonder what the battery life is? (Google doesn’t mention battery life anywhere that I can find. It only mentions the capacity.)

  • The Nexus 4 has… a glass back… no LTE… no microSD slot…

    hey, it’s the iPhone 4!

  • HeyNow819

    Um…that’s not a review. Just Google explaining why they chose not to use LTE. I love how you cherry-pick everything.

  • I wonder when the companies like Samsung, LG and HTC will realize, that Google is pushing them back into the OEM role that they finally left after the iPhone was released. Until 2007, nobody knew HTC as the company that manufactured the Telekom smartphones in Europe, Huawei did just recently release devices under their own brand name…

    And now Google is selling devices with some what-else-could-you-wish-for? specs for 300€ (well, the Nexus 4 is lacking LTE) or 400€ (well, the Nexus 10 is lacking any kind of WAN).

    These devices are cheaper than the stuff Samsung, HTC or LG are selling under their own brand, these devices are better than the stuff …. are selling under their own brand and these devices will receive updates much sooner than the stuff …. are selling under their own brand.

    Why should anyone buy a HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S III or whatever LG is selling at the moment, when the stuff Google is selling is superior in so many ways?!

    The premium devices by these companies will soon be cannibalized by the cheaper stuff from Google – and as Google is regularly switching the company that manufactures a generation of the Nexus series, the companies become interchangeable.