Forstall and the Maps apology letter

Adam Lashinsky for CNN:

I also heard that Forstall refused to sign the letter apologizing for the mapping fiasco, sealing his fate at Apple.

Lots of speculation going around tonight.

  • Is this a yep?

    • Steven Fisher

      Sounded more like a “no” to me. But part of that is probably based on my impression of Adam Lashinsky’s accuracy.

  • i do believe the macalope has rightfully taken several swipes at lashinsky. that there’s a “what would jobs do” on the linked page is another reason to discount it by a big chunk.

  • Such a stupid rumor. Mr Forstall messed a few things up and iOS 6 is kind of becoming the low running dog these days compared to hardware…

    • lucascott

      Agreed, there’s a shitload of bugs in iOS 6, breaking things that were working etc. and then the huge, still not fixed, cell data bug. That alone would be grounds to be kicked out given the costs to many customers.

  • Bob

    Fortune not CNN

  • The Verge is reporting the letter signing issue as well so I’m inclined to believe it may have some credibility

  • adavidw

    I also heard that Forstall refused to sign that get well card they were passing around for Cindy in accounting. That’ll get ya canned, too.

  • Also reported in the WSJ and NY Times. Seems legit.