It’s a PC


  • lucascott

    They are focusing so much on that ugly ass keyboard cover that it makes me wonder if they feel they don’t have anything else compelling to talk about. Apple shows their stuff in action, cheesy action, but still action

  • Dave Brandt

    Well, this version of it is a PC that doesn’t run Windows software – except for what’s ported to ARM! Now how is that “no compromise”?

  • Jim H

    OK, so it has a keyboard which I understand is hard to use on your lap – desk it is. But has anyone seen the mouse that you would assume is to be used with the keyboard when it is acting like a PC (I.e. whenever Microsoft Office is used – I saw a video which tells me that it needs a mouse to be used easily). And how wuld you carry the mouse, taped onto the cover or in a separate bag hooked on your belt? I am just not seeing it…

    • Pacomius

      As I understand it, there is a trackpad integrated into the covers along with the keyboard. Which just adds to the fact that it is less functional than a laptop – it cannot be used in your lap

      • Yes, there is a trackpad on the touch cover.

        We have 3 in the office and I overheard: “The mouse is very responsive.” I didn’t play w/ it (will tomorrow though) but it was very useful.

        The keyboard is very responsive and easy to use as well. The Touch Cover is an absolute win.

  • Yazeed

    As an idea before they release Surface, I was expecting it to be a PC and a tablet at the same time, however unfortunately I was wrong. Surface is bullshit.