Divvy is an entirely new way of managing your workspace. It allows you to quickly and efficiently “divvy up” your screen into exact portions.

This looks cool. Watch the video to see how it can be used.

  • Steve

    hyper dock is easier to use, more powerful, cheaper and just cooler.

  • how much does it coast ?

  • tomborowski

    I’m going to put my vote in for Moom.

  • Been using this application for almost two years now and I love it. It’s simple, it’s fast and has yet to fail me.

    • cyabud

      Same here. Divvy and Cinch have made my life so much easier! Cinch allows window snapping a la Windows 7 – probably the most useful GUI feature to ever come out of Microsoft.

  • Mike

    Yes, I’ve been using Moom for a while and it does the trick quite well. It “takes over” the green button, so the interface seems a bit nicer

  • rmward

    Love love love Divvy. If you are the compulsive type (like me) that wants your windows directly abutting screen boundaries, or taking up exactly half of the screen, or having windows perfectly staggered or tiled, this is perfect. Sort of like having icons “snap to grid” in the finder, but for windows. I’ve looked at Moom but Divvy works more the way I want it to. Going without it before it was updated for Mountain Lion was painful.

    • You know Moom has the same window management, right? From the video, it seems easier in Moom though; not to knock Divvy.

      Both are Windows 7’esque, which is great. when it comes to window management.

      • rmward

        I didn’t know that; you’re right. I’m almost certain Moom didn’t have the grid feature last time I looked at it, when I began using Divvy. Moom’s implementation looks nice, too.

        For now I’m happy with Divvy, though, and have already paid for it. But thanks for the info!

        • No prob and I hear you. I just bought Moom so no desire to switch. 😀

  • I’m with the moom folks. Just discovered it a couple weeks ago. I like the way you hover over the green button to bring up the dialog, and it let’s you customize how fine the grid is. Plus you can shoot windows between multiple monitors with a quick wrist drag as you select the size and position of the window.

    But this does look like something to consider. It has some nice features.