I wonder if Ballmer believes this shit

He can’t.

  • He does. But, from his point of view, it might not be so stupid. Listen to this for a possible explanation:


    But, make no mistake, his comments are still ridiculous from our POV.

  • “Neither of those companies ‘has a product that you can use, that lets you work and play, that can be your tablet and your PC. Not at any of those price points.'”

    Well! I guess I was imagining all that work I have been doing on my iPad since 2010.


  • Box of Cotton Swabs
    “We knew our partners who make computers were going to do a great job. But we weren’t going to let any branch of information go uncovered, so with the Microsoft Surface we have ventured out to do an innovative new design for the tablet PC“

    Weren’t going to let any branch of what go what? That’s a bizarre excuse for screwing over your hardware partners.

  • Dave

    He’s such a dipshit

  • satcomer

    To me he gets his talking points for Microsoft’s Marketing Department. If you just look between the lines it comes strait from that department.

  • But we weren’t going to let any branch of information go uncovered

    That sentence makes absolutely no sense.


    How is the CEO of the biggest software company in the world allowed to spew crap like this?

  • lucascott

    He does. Completely The trouble is that he only sees work as “making things with Microsoft Office” He forgets that many of us do much different work, which is why the iPad is great for us

  • Tragically, I believe that he truly does believe what he’s saying. He’s THAT out of touch.