Drinking establishment (check). Lost super secret phone (check)


The Nexus is particularly important to Google because it is the company’s flagship smartphone…Google, and every other tech company, desperately wants to keep these sorts of details secret for competitive reasons until they’re ready to announce them.But, on the night of Sept. 20, Google wasn’t fighting the internet. It was up against a bartender, and Brian Katz, global investigations and intelligence manager at Google (according to his LinkedIn profile — “Google does not discuss the actions of its security team,” a representative says) was headed to the 500 Club.

Sounds ridiculously familiar. Google can’t help but copy Apple, can they?

  • Kind of makes me wonder if they’ve planted this story to try to generate some buzz about their next mediocre phone.

    • LOL Yeah that was my first thought too. But it’s unlikely and possibly illegal to do that. 🙂

    • lucascott

      Perhaps. But prove it. All we can apparently prove (if we take the story to be real) is that Google paid attention to the Cali laws about lost items and very firmly asserted that to the bar staff. They weren’t wrong that they could press charges, just apparently asshats in how they did it. pity there’s no law against that

  • Kevin

    Andy Rubin: ‘I’d Be Happy’ If Someone Left Prototype Android Phone In A Bar ‘And Someone Wrote About It’


  • Scruff0

    Wonder if we’ll be hearing outcries about ‘Larry and Sergey’s private police force’ and the ‘Google Gestapo’. Where’s the faux outcry to Google about ‘saving the job of the poor innocent guy who just wanted to have a beer’.

    • lucascott

      try as they might, they don’t get the hits that Apple does so folks don’t write about them as much