On video game journalism

John Biggs for TechCrunch:

In the great, wide world of journalism, games journalism is a weird animal. Those who “practice” – and practice it well – face a barrage of PR perks, free trips, and angry houses. Access is given and taken away by marketing folks on a whim. There are a few great news sources (Polygon is one as is Rock, Paper, Shotgun), a few silly ones, and a few horrible ones. But on the whole, not many folks think much about the business of writing about games. Yet, if we’re culturally current, we consume quite a bit of games writing and, sadly, that writing is often compromised by the broken PR system. This came to a head, sadly, when Rab Florence, a writer with Eurogamer, resigned after calling out the industry, including presenter and journalist Geoff Keighley (see him here), a writer who posed himself next to a pile of Doritos and a garish Xbox display.

I don’t really disagree with anything Biggs has written here, but there’s a delicious irony in TechCrunch, of all publications, calling out games journalists for shitty ethics.