Study: iOS ads more effective than Android or Blackberry

Jon Russell for the Next Web:

Opera released its inaugural mobile advertising report in July and, three months down the line, the Norwegian browser maker is back with new insight. The Q3 2012 installment of the ‘State of Mobile Advertising’ report again finds Apple’s iOS to be the highest yielding platform on its advertising network, with Android slumping below RIM’s BlackBerry OS.

The thing that caught my eye was that Android wasn’t even as effective as Blackberry as an ad platform. I guess a lot of Android users have turned to ad blocking software.

  • Canucker

    Ironic given that the Android raison d’être for business depends on eyeballing ads.

    • tylernol

      I wonder what the yield is on Android devices that Google has full control over(Nexus,Moto), versus ones implemented by Amazon, Samsung,etc.

  • ort888

    [android troll]That’s because apple iSheep are all so easily influenced by ads. Why else would they be using an apple device.[/android troll]

  • tylernol

    or the majority of Android users just do not use their phone like iPhone users do?

    • SV650

      Yes, likely many Android users just use the device as a phone, rather than a fully connected device.