Shelby 1000

Carroll Shelby represents everything that is a muscle car. I want this.

  • JDSoCal

    Of course, that’s pony car. Definitely pony car.

    And I’m sure it’s wasted HP on an antiquated, heavy, poor-handling Ford, just like the 550 and 650 versions are. ZR-1 would smoke it on Nuremberg Ring.

    • Nürburgring = racetrack. Nuremberg = nazi trials

    • DT

      It has some decent handling updates, and for the record, the current generation Mustang handles extremely well, especially with some of the OEM options – or even the full Boss OEM package (a friend I used to regularly track with took delivery on his Boss, full track package, rear seat delete, etc.) says it’s spectacular on track compared to a number of other excellent handling vehicles he’s owned.

      That being said, the point is fun and ridiculous volumes of tire shredding power that you could never hope to use – especially on street tires. Plus ‘Ring times ultimately mean little-to-nothing for 99% of owners, even those who consider handling a part of the buying decision.

      It’s an “ultimate” Mustang from one of the most notable hot-rodders of all time. I dig on it and I’m not even a “Ford guy” 🙂

      • JDSoCal

        My 436 HP Corvette Grand Sport kills the GT500 Mustang on the track and 0-60. I think the 638 HP ZR-1 would still beat this fat ol’ pony car around the track.

        Love Carroll Shelby, but it’s not like he designed this thing ground up like the Cobras.

        And as for tire shredding, I like my Corvette’s traction control – I’d prefer the CHP did not impound my car for exhibition of speed.

  • Guest

    Nuremberg = nazi trials Nürburgring = racetrack.

  • german guest

    The name of the city where the NS trials happend is “Nürnberg”

  • german guest

    .. by the way: ICE powered cars are last-millennium-technology.