Pocket launches Mac app

Pocket, the popular “save for later” service already available for iOS and other mobile platforms and the Web, now has its own official Mac client. The company announced the release of Pocket for Mac on Thursday.

With Pocket, you can save articles, videos and other content from the Web. You can also connect with apps that support Pocket like Flipboard, Twitter, Pulse and Zite. The data is accessible anywhere you have Pocket installed – your iPhone, iPad, Web browser or, now, your Mac.

Pocket for Mac includes offline access to saved content, instant syncing across all devices, keyboard shortcuts, viewing of streaming video, organizing, sharing and searching features.

  • Josh

    It isn’t a new app, they just bought Read Later. Worst part is is that it drops Instapaper support.

    • That is not accurate. The Read Later mac app still works the same as it did yesterday with Instapaper support, so if you’re a current customer, nothing changed. The developer of that app was hired by Pocket to make a Pocket only app. That app is a distinct entity. He won’t be updating his prior app. Nothing was dropped.

  • My favorite read later service for a reason! Great work as usual.