Shit Android Fanatics Say

That was funny.

[Made by Mobile Phone Finder]

  • Tack a Samsung logo to the end and this is the next ad for the Galaxy III.

  • dylangio

    100% true

  • Dude

    As if apple fans dont act the same fucking way. We’re all brand brainwashed.

    • BC2009

      Go check out the one Jim posted a couple of weeks ago on stuff iPhone users say. I think he linked it from Gizmodo.

    • You do realize this is response to video “Shit Apple Fanatics Say”, right? It’s call humour; don’t they have that on Google Marketplace?

  • Juz

    A great companion to the “Shit iPhone Users Say” video. “It’s not copying if it’s better!”

  • LOL!

  • stsk

    They forgot “I’m so glad my mom bought me an Android phone rather than the iPhone I asked her to get me.”

  • And you apple phanbois are just upset because it’s all true. Maybe apple will give you one or or two of our 3 year old features on “the next one”. My samsung EPIC cold boots as fast, and has a screen like the iphone 5 – and it’s 2 years old. Oh, and replacing the battery is like 15$ and i can do it in 2 seconds.

    • Scruff0

      Well, aren’t you just a precious flower!

      You do realise (as other commenters have said) that this is a follow up on the ‘shit Apple fanatics say’ video from a few weeks ago. Nothing but a little fun and humor to decorate the internets with.

      • Jay Martin

        I think we need to start a new Internet meme: fandroids have no sense of humor. Oh, wait…

    • “My samsung EPIC cold boots as fast, and has a screen like the iphone 5”

      Is this the same Samsung Epic that has a 480 x 800 pixel display versus the 640 x 1136 pixel display on the iPhone 5?

      • Scruff0

        I think he means ‘has a screen like the iPhone 5’ meaning that it has a screen.

        Funnily enough his comment highlights something that was missing from the video – replaceable battery.

    • Player_16

      You forgot the word: /SARCASM after your comment.

  • techno_techie

    As an Android user, it is funny – though I’m not so aggressive – there are people JUST LIKE THE VIDEO out there (especially the blogs). I don’t hear the stuff about widgets though…and I’m reading and in forums a lot.

  • Another reminder: Android fans who genuinely resent this video should remember that it’s a response to this one:

    Both are funny for exactly the same reasons.