Forbes Bullshit

I read a piece this morning by Ewan Spence at Forbes that just left me shaking my head in disbelief. Spence called the iPad mini “little more than a ‘me-too’ product” — I guess he forgot that Apple invented the modern tablet category and that every Google tablet is actually the “me too” product.

Spence made a point of saying that “in all of my time covering Apple launches,” alluding to his supposed expertise on the subject — all I can say is he couldn’t have been paying attention to Apple’s strategy over those launches.

What Apple is doing with the iPad is the exact same thing they did with the iPod. Release it and then come back and fill in the category with other products.

Oh and he also used the “this isn’t Steve Jobs Apple” line. Come on Ewan, at least be original.

  • xynta_man

    Calling such pile of fuck bullshit is just insulting bullshit, Jim.

  • rj

    From the article:

    “In all of my time covering Apple launches, this felt the most defensive presentation of little more than a “me-too” product.”

    I think I see where he’s coming from. I don’t recall ever watching an Apple announcement where they focused on a specific competitive product. Usually its “look at these crappy generic PCs” or “look at these crappy phones” or whatever. But this time, for some reason they decided to single out the Nexus 7. Why? When you’re #1, you don’t give #2 (or #3) free publicity by talking about their product.

    I think the presentation would have been better if they’d just focused on how they’ve translated the iPad experience to a 7.9″ size.

    • Hypothesard

      You forget what was displayed on stage at the introduction of the iPod and the iPhone : Side by Side Pictures of the shitty existing products made by the other companies…

      Apple displaying a Nexus 7 (unnamed on the projected Slides and unspoken in Schiller speech) side by side with the iPad mini in neither new nor degrading for Apple…

  • God

    Forbes articles are always pure bullshit.