JK Rowling: ‘The MacBook Air changed my life’

In a rare product endorsement, Rowling proclaimed, “The MacBook Air changed my life.” She added, “I’ve written everywhere, including some very strange places.”

When’s the last time you heard anyone say, “That piece of shit Windows PC changed my life”?

  • Like the back of a Volkswagen?

  • Fred Pertens

    When was the last time you heard someone say, “Jim Dalrymple is a good writer.”?

    • It’s true, Jim is not a very good writer. I come here for the insider information, definitely not for the insight or the prose.

  • Bill Paterson

    Never have I heard that said by anyone.And can you say hi to “The Beard” for me please?

  • Joti

    hahaha true

  • That Acer ultrabook changed my life.

    For the worse.

  • I bet this endorsement will sell a couple of thousand MacBook Airs.

  • sadly my macbook air overheats when it’s doing nothing of interest all the time. i’ve been chasing this with  engineering (10288361) for almost a year now. it’s got a new logic board, a new keyboard, and a new o/s (mtn lion). it’s still overheating …..

  • S Banerjee

    well..it did try to change my life…. before I got my Mac :-))

  • Buckeyestar

    Dare we say that this makes the MacBook Air…magical?

  • Jasper

    “this Windows laptop changed my life — by pushing me into buying a MacBook Air”

    Seriously, I imagine the purchasers of previous thin & light machines could have said the same — the difference is that Apple in the third through fifth generation has made the Air into an affordable (well, for a Mac) laptop, and very few to no thin and light windows machines were ever that before.

    • The Air is cheaper than a lot of Ultrabooks. Also much better build quality and a modern OS instead of Microsoft’s latest mediocrity.

  • adrianoconnor

    When’s the last time you heard anyone say, “That piece of shit Windows PC changed my life”?

    Ah, something just jarred — racking my brains for the word –, that’s a fallacy. I can’t remember what it’s called but it’s the same as that wife beating thing.

    Damn my useless memory.

    Wikipedia to the rescue 🙂 That statement is a logical fallacy called a loaded question. It’s the same as asking “when did you stop beating your wife?”.

    You could really use an editor. Your statement would have had far more punch if you’d cut out “piece of shit” before you posted.

    • adrianoconnor

      In terms of what Mrs Potter said, I do agree – MBA changed everything. That said, my HP business notebook before it provided great service from 2006 onwards and truly made a difference to my life. If I’d been able to afford one, the Compaq n610c in 2002-ish (which shared the same form-factor as the 12″ iBook, maybe a bit thinner), was also pretty incredible. There have been some pretty good PCs down the years. Not so much right now.

  • Anon

    HP wasn’t written on an Apple machine. It was mostly written by hand on college rule paper, then word processed using MS Word on a Sony Windows PC. Check out the short documentary “J.K Rowling – A Day in the Life”, it shows her in a hotel room typing away finishing the last HP book (or it might have been second to last, can’t remember now).

    Mrs. Rowling has endorsement deals with Sony, if you haven’t noticed. However, in 2009, she was spotted in a cafe typing away on an Apple. So, best guess is that after she finished the HP series, she switch to Apple machines. However, it’s hush-hush because of her ties with Sony.

    I’ve studied her writing habits/tools 🙂