The Surface ad sucks balls

So what I get from this ad is that the Surface will make a clicking sound when you connect the keyboard; I will be able to dance; other people will join me dancing; I will kiss someone; and if I throw the Surface in the air someone will catch it. But what does it actually do? I guess they forgot that part.

Not only that, Microsoft took Apple’s cool Smart Cover and completely fucked it up.

  • I dig it. It is fun.

    If this was their only Surface ad, I’d agree. Couple it w/ the rest and I dig it.

    • EzraWard

      I actually dig it as well. There will be more Surface ads that talk about functionality soon, I’ve heard.

      Also: “The Surface ad sucks balls” Really?

  • That is crazy. This is what you get when people have too much money and no good ideas. Serious loss of focus and purpose here.

    • ducksinarow

      I would vehemently doubt that they were aiming this ad at your demographic…

      • Certainly. Apparently Microsoft’s current target demographic is “Glee” fans.

        • Boo


        • ducksinarow

          No, but since this was aired during a commercial break of Dancing With The Stars, chances are the style of the ad was somewhat relevant to those viewers. You should be less ignorant.

          • lucascott

            After airing during The Walking Dead

          • Well, after a few hours with Windows 8, I’m sure many consumers will want to behead someone with a garden edging tool.

          • You should be less forgiving. It makes you soft. Are you really going to argue that Microsoft is aiming an ad campaign at the “Dancing with the Stars” fan demographic? That that’s Microsoft’s idea of the Superbowl of reality TV, and this ad won’t be shown on as many channels as possible, the overwhelming majority of which won’t be showing “Dancing with the Stars”?

  • Darrell Moore

    I can’t blame marketing people for playing a bad hand poorly. But its almost release time and I don’t we have heard from anyone who has actually used the device.

  • Canucker

    Wow – at least this proves that Microsoft finally let somebody touch one. The “Surface Movement” has an obvious connotation too. One that will soon pass…

  • They all might as well have been holding Coke cans and it would have been the same ad. The ad failed completely.

    • ducksinarow

      You could say that about a lot of ads and replace it with any product. You’re not proving any valid points.

      • This ad is fine when you compare it to other ads run on TV (I actually think the choreograph is amazing), but it’s pretty important to have the first running ad that you make for your product show what it does and why you want to buy it.

        Compare this ad with Apple’s first iPhone ad:

        • ducksinarow

          Here’s a lil’ jewel about advertising: There is no one way to do it.

          Microsoft chose to push their first Surface ad with a lot of dancing and jazz hands during a commercial break of Dancing With The Stars. That makes sense, right? I’m sure you will see more Surface ads in the near future that are done differently to show different features of the Surface [and Windows 8].

          You’re a young, strapping tech geek, of course you’re not going to like this ad, it wasn’t meant for you. But just because it didn’t appeal to you doesn’t mean it failed completely. Let’s not be hasty.

          If would have been more relevant if you would have linked the first iPad ad (since we are talking about tablets), which is done in a similar fashion but pretty much showcases the same basic functions. And I assure you that the Surface can do everything that is done in those commercials, it will do it differently.

          Learn to appreciate different things doing things differently. It’s only natural for you to want to hate this ad just because Jim didn’t like it either.

          • I can appreciate good salesmanship, but even my mom isn’t going to buy something if she’s not told at least some of the features of the product that is being pushed. Objectively speaking, the ad is shit.

            Does Microsoft have the money to make more Surface ads that do a better job? Yep. Does it look like their marketing department knows what it’s doing? Nope.

        • 2Cents

          This is a teaser. Not the ad

        • That’s not the first iPhone ad – it was this “Hello” ad aired the night of the 2007 Oscars. It doesn’t show very much. I think you’d agree. But that’s fine because it’s a “teaser”.. as in it is meant to tease.

          • True, “Hello” was the very first ad for the iPhone. Also true is that it was a teaser since the iPhone wasn’t due for release until six months after it first aired during the Oscars.

            But why would Microsoft air a supposed teaser ad like that one when the Surface is due for release three weeks from now? Didn’t Microsoft already have a teaser ad for the Surface when it was first announced? People claiming that this ad is just a teaser don’t really make any sense.

          • dajunga

            The ad shown for the Surface when it was announced wasn’t a nationally televised ad. It was limited to the internet and Youtube.

            The other difference is context. This ad rides on the assumption that everyone today already knows what the iPad is. And because the Surface clearly resembles a table-like device the message then is pretty clear – “This is Microsoft’s answer to the iPad. It’s a fun and fresh new experience and there’s more to come.”

          • From my own personal experience this ad is the same that I have seen multiple times aired during NFL games.

            What’s important to realize is that the ad does nothing to describe what it is. And I don’t think Microsoft is airing this ad on the presumption that people will think that it is an iPad clone or a ‘me-too’ device. Microsoft has to differentiate itself from the iPad to be competitive. There are features on the Surface that the iPad lacks.

            I have no idea why so many people have come out to defend a damn dance video that happens to have a certain unreleased tablet in it.

    • Sorry, love the ad. Apple ads play like Social Services PSA’s.

  • PBooth

    Jim my thoughts also.

    • ducksinarow

      “Jim, my thoughts also. I will honey-suckle your flower just about any day of the week.”

  • chuck

    While this ad is silly your dismissal of it is just as silly. Saw the last iPod ads? Just as silly as this one.

    • The difference is that everyone already knows what an iPod is. Microsoft Surface does not share the same recognition. Ask an average person off the street if they know what a Microsoft Surface is and what does it do. That’s the problem that this ad has.

      • ducksinarow

        lol whats an ipod???

    • Sergio

      Excellent point because the iPod is also a brand new product and nobody know why they should buy it or what they’re going to be able to do with it if they do buy it.

    • sarvin

      I don’t think much of the commercial and I think the dismissal is silly. Not everyone has to ape Apple’s style (what’s being implied here). Previous iPod ads had black silhouettes dancing while holding a white iPod. The iPod was highlighted but it wasn’t very clear, from the commercial, what the iPod did.

      Lately I’ve been tiring of the over-scrutinization of everything; purple hugh while taking pictures of the sun, some iPhone 5s develop scratches, etc.

      • whateves

        As a matter of fact, aping apple is not what is implied here. The dancing people and ipods flying around made sense because, duh, ipods are/were primarily portable music players, the use of which allowed you to put tonnes of music on it in order to “keep the party going” so to speak. This does not work for the surface because it is not a portable music player, and certainly not primarily a portable music player. This is not over-scrutinization, its called thinking and discussing, something you are obviously not very used to, although you seem to provide your own scrunity, which is the lame and boring answer of “gee everyone, I can’t understand anything and its your fault so shut up.” What annoys me about this is that i know you are better than that, you’re just not allowing yourself to be and instead you are pandering to some stupid apple fanboy stereotype and belittling people whom you know nothing about. Perhaps the same could be said of me, with the caveat that I am willing to believe you are better than that, while you are implying that everyone is stupid except for you.

        • sarvin

          Right got it; dancing people clearly explains what the iPod does because well… music, storage, dancing, people. Sorry dancing is remotely related to the iPod. Music is definitely related to the iPod but I fail to see how music playing in the background describes what the iPod does.

          I stopped reading the rest. It looks like you stopped thinking and discussing and started insulting; something I wont be a part of. I’m sorry you disagree with my opinion. Have a nice day.

          OK, I can’t help myself “you are pandering to some stupid apple fanboy stereotype and belittling people whom you know nothing about.” I’m the one pandering to an Apple stereotype?

          Look, after re-reading what Jim wrote I have to say I was incorrect for saying that the dismissal was silly. He’s correct; the commercial isn’t good.

          For years to come I hope you feel free to analyze this commercial in painful detail. In retrospect (like in a day or so) I think you’ll come to realize that this commercial isn’t really that important and probably isn’t worth watching or discussing.

          I also hope that you’ll be open to the idea that people might not agree with you, that they’ll voice their opinions and that their not insulting you by doing so. I hope you’ll refrain from insulting them in the future.

    • Yes, Apple’s iPod ads (and most of their other ads) are just as “silly” in the fact that they focus on a magical feel-good experience.

      Here’s the thing: I can see how listening to music can give you that feeling. I can’t see how using a keyboard does.

  • meh…

    • lucascott

      That one wasn’t what they were using to advertise the iPad. They had other ads for that

      • This isn’t the Surfaces only either. There were 2 or 3 before this one.

  • ducksinarow

    And so what I get is that those new iPods just pop around like popcorn, twirl and multiply and come together and—gimme a break

    1.5 billion in advertising and you think this will be their only ad? How oblivious and ignorant are you? Did u know this ran during Dancing with the Stars? Put that into context.

    • Domicinator

      Yes, but people already know what the iPod does. MS is doing the Surface a serious disservice with these ads.

      • ducksinarow

        What does an iPod do? Play music. What does a tablet (pick one) do? Tablet stuff. No one needs to know through a 30-second commercial spot what the Surface does, this is the FIRST Surface ad! Why is that so hard to understand?

        • Domicinator

          People DO need to know because Microsoft has not made it clear to anyone, not even tech press members!!! Do you think Joe Schmoe is going to know the difference between Windows 8 Pro and Windows 8 RT? Windows 8 is already taking a serious beating in general for being garbage. MS needs to do something fast.

          • They’ll read the details. Joe Schmoe isn’t dumb.

            RT does A, B, and C. Pro does A-Z.

            Pretty easy to me.

    • gjgustav

      You have a point, but only one. The ad tells me there are different colours of Surface covers. The iPod ad tells me there are different colours and models of iPods.

      But as Domicinator says, people already know what the iPod does. What does the Surface do?

  • Obit Rice

    Terrible ad. And Ballmer is a salesman too. With the upcoming windows 8 debacle fast approaching, they should shut down and give money back to the shareholders

    • Maybe Steve Jobs should have been fired over the Smart Cover ad?

      • gjgustav

        Again, people are missing the point. MS needs to tell people what a Surface is and what it does. Apple’s first iPad ad was not the Smart Cover ad. Apple’s first ad struck emotional chords with people and showed them what the iPad could do.

        • And you do realize they have run no less than 3 ads on the Surface, right?

          This is not their first Surface ad either.

          • gjgustav

            First one I’ve seen. And if I haven’t seen the others (and I’m a tech geek) then have the general public? They should run other ads first, follow up with this one. Also, they should do it when people can go a store and buy one. You don’t go for the emotional/cool sell before the product is available.

          • I’ve seen two on TV. You’ve seen one on an Apple blog.


          • ducksinarow

            This is their first TELEVISED Surface ad, which ran during a taping of Dancing With the Stars. This is the first Surface ad meant for the general public.

          • No, it is not. We watched Surface commercials during NFL games this weekend.

          • ducksinarow

            What was it about…?

          • lucascott

            Some metal stuff and more clicking

        • ducksinarow

          On to the junkyard with that ’emotional’ talk. This is a tablet device, it’s not your dying relative.

          From the iPad’s first commercial, I can assure you that both the Surface and iPad will allow you to… 1) look at photos 2) read books 3) read articles online 4) watch movies 5) look at a calendar 6) zoom in on a map 7) batch select emails 8) insert a picture into a document 9) reply to an email

          So what is it you need help understanding?

          • gjgustav

            “On to the junkyard with that ’emotional talk'”. Really? Do you think the general public buys products based on spec sheets?

            If you are marketing a product before you can buy it, you do informational ads, so people know what it is when the product is available. Then you can do an emotional sell to make people want to buy it. You don’t do it before, because it wears off. You need people to be able to buy it while they still want it.

          • ducksinarow

            Who said anything about spec sheets? Just lighten up with the whole ’emotional chords’ thing, geez. Go hug real people.

            No one is going to buy a Surface based on that ad, but it will bring people in to try it. This is the first Surface ad, why is that so hard to understand that they are not going to tell the whole story within one 30-second ad?

          • gjgustav

            I do hug real people, that’s why I understand the use of emotional selling.

            Why is this going to bring people in to try it? Where are they going to go? My point is they should save this until there are Surfaces in every Best Buy, MS Store, Target, Walmart, and other stores. And considering that many MS stores are in the same mall as Apple stores, when people are told they can’t take one home yet, they might just walk over to the Apple store and find out that it can do the same things and they can take one home today. What’s so hard to understand about the fact that they should save this ad until the product is readily available?

          • ducksinarow

            Save this ad for when, it’s about a week and a half until these products go on sale?

          • gjgustav

            Either you didn’t read my post or didn’t know about the limited availability of these products upon their launch.

          • Scruff0

            Of the 9 items that you presented, not a SINGLE one was shown in that ad. Unless you have installed the RTM, given that this is the first real-world ad for Surface, you have no indication whatsoever that it will do any of those things and your assurances mean naught.

            And if ‘batch select emails’ is one of your priorities for a tablet device, you’re clearly not the focus of the ad anyway. Where were the games, music, et al?

  • Boo

    Why are we paying so much attention to this?

    • Yeah, part of me loves to bash unreleased products from Apple’s competitors the way Apple’s unreleased products got bashed.

      Part of me wants no one to say anything more than the basic facts unless and until the competitor’s product amounts to more than a hill of beans.

  • I’m going to go against the grain here… Microsoft has never had people doubt that their technology served as functional computing devices. But they do need to convince people that their new stuff is cool. (A more and more important factor in computing as technical differentiation like processor speed, memory, etc. becomes less and less of a issue)

    Microsoft is now in the place of being the (early 80’s era) Pepsi to Apple’s Coke. They need to be the flashy upstart against the establishment leader. Whether this ad succeeds at that or not, it’s definitely what they were shooting for, and I think it was a wise move.

    • Except windows CE and Windows mobile were both FAIL as far as i’m concerned! I’ve used both and you would have to be VERY convincing to get me using a windows mobile device ever again. Even if it is windows 8 on it!

    • The ad is relying on you knowing what the Microsoft Surface is. The reliance on the keyboard in this ad makes it look like a laptop that could be used as a tablet. There’s no definition if you don’t already have a deep understanding of the product.

    • This ad isn’t about coolness. This ad’s about distracting consumers from remembering how annoying Windows can be. They’re supposed to be dazzled by the new shiny and buy it before remembering where it came from.

      The choreography was cute. I’ll be interested to see if Microsoft follows up with anything more substantive.

  • Todd

    I think you’re being a bit harsh, Jim.

    The ad makes me want to check out Surface, even though there is virtually no chance that I’d want one!

  • What the heck is up with the angry schoolgirls? They scare me.

    • I agree with you there. They’re quite creepy.

    • lucascott

      They thought they were getting iPads

      • madmaxmedia

        Just like Cartman!

      • So that’s why they are angry! I would be too, what a let down.

    • scaredofangryschoolgirldancers

      I thought they were creepy enough to look to see if anyone else thought they looked pissed off too, LOL. They’d be great in a horror movie!

  • Ralph

    John Hurt: “never underestimate the audience”. From the ad, the audience can see that it’s a tablet, so they rightfully assume it does tablet-y things. Not a bad ad at all.

  • Amazing MAn

  • Jim, while I agree they could have done better, your response to the ad makes me cringe. Bring some class to the game.

    The ad starts off clean and simple. They’ve selected one of the most unique and compelling aspects of the product to highlight visually and aurally – the magnetic touch case. This could have been highly impactful, but as we reach the 15 second mark, this simple message devolves into a cavalcade of gaudy, over-the-top displays that distract from the simple message from the intro.

    It looks as though they tried to combine 3-5 creative approaches to the idea behind this ad into a single concept that we see here. This smells like indecision mixed with too many cooks in the kitchen. Whatever the cause, the result is not good.

    • Jim seems to think his job is to criticise anything competitive to Apple using the most spurious of reasons. Clearly he’s doing something right because he gets invited to all these Apple events, confirms rumors, and is handed advanced review units of products. 🙂

      • gjgustav

        You haven’t read enough of Jim’s work then. He compliments competitors all the time, and he calls out Apple when they do stupid things too.

    • As the android fanboys like to say.. “iPad has had magnetic accessories forever”!!

    • “Bring some class to the game.”

      LMAO Have you seen Dalrymple?

    • lucascott

      If that case is the most unique and compelling feature of the Surface, Microsoft is in trouble

  • BrainwashedFanBoys

    Not as bad as the Mac Genius ads for the Olympics

    • lucascott

      While lame and not completely accurate, the genius ads told more about the stores and what they do than this did for the Surface

  • Yeah, I feel you, but you can’t be serious. I don’t know why you’re so aggressive on the hate. It’s actually very Apple, and I didn’t see you write anything about the bouncing iPod ad. It shows that there’s a touchscreen, it shows that there’s a magnetic cover/keyboard, it shows that there’s a kickstand, and it looks like fun. A couple key features and then what it feels like to use the product. I’m not saying it’s a great ad (the dancing is weird), but if you’re asking for what the product actually does, you must hate every ad ever made, including that little computer ad where some crazy marathon runner throws a sledgehammer into a 90-foot livestream of Big Brother.

  • XK9

    The most ME TOO advertising I’ve ever seen.

    • Except Apple doesn’t make people backflip for their products. Advantage, Microsoft.

      • Have you not seen the hour long lines outside of Apple Stores? That’s the equivalent of backflipping for a product. 😉

      • Overkill Microsoft.

  • et

    Anyone notice the hero shot of the device at the end. It’s disgustingly covered in fingerprints. I know that these devices are subject to this, but to not clean it off for the commercial is ridiculous. It was just gross and reinforces that attention to detail matters.

    • et

      Oops. I think it may be the actual desktop background, but it looks like smudgy fingerprints all the same.

  • In the advertising world there is a focus on benefits–what the product will do for you–rather than features (what a produce does). Of course, you have to include some features, but they need to be presented with benefits. The early iPod ads showed how good you’d feel with your control over your music and the small size of the device. This add implies you’ll feel good (a benefit; that’s good) but doesn’t reveal how the features cause the benefit.

    It’s sort of like the way some candidates are saying, “I won’t tell you what I’ll do, but trust me, you’ll like it.” If you trust the candidate, you’ll think what s/he will do will be good. If you don’t, you will have other opinions of their ideas.

    So you have to ask yourself, do you trust Microsoft? Well, do ya, punk?

    Personally, I think both the Surface and Win8 are going to be JAZ: Just Another Zune.

  • Pinch to Zune

  • adriano

    They should have quit the ad exactly after 27 seconds. That would be quite nice ad, focusing on the key features: kickstand, keyboard cover and win8.

    I am glad someone tries not to copy Apple in making the best ads. There are other ways and thats good.

  • grovberg

    Yeah man, I hate it when people make ads that don’t demonstrate the product. They might as well have had the Surface just dancing around the screen.

    • gjgustav

      Already been discussed. Read the posts.

      • grovberg


  • What I get from this ad is that the Surface is cool because it comes with a handy keyboard. Seems reasonable.

    • lucascott

      Well they did spend a shit ton of time on it at the announcement. I think they ‘clicked’ it like 20 times

  • Okay, I get what they’re going for, but the choreography was just creepy and weird. All the emotions are unresolved:

    Everyone in the ad keeps getting distracted by what other people are doing. (See the family on the picnic blanket.) People grab & take each other’s keyboards and tablets. Too many people are shown without revealing their faces. It’s not clear if the guy on the table actually catches the tablet that’s thrown to him. (Symbolizes crashing. Ha!) The oddly aggressive and slightly unsynchronized schoolgirls? Yikes! A split-second shot of a contortionist who never (and this is really, really key) untwists himself. Voyeuristic photos of an elderly couple kissing, who then seem surprised (that they were kissing or that they were caught?). The weird hand motions of the main character in front of the fountain seemingly swatting away the tablets in his way. And the final shot of someone almost — but not quite — actually using the tablet.

    Maybe the ad-makers were subconsciously channeling a hapless MS user, but it’s all unresolved and frustrating. It’s anti-satisfaction. They have at least differentiated themselves from Apple!

  • This is a universal statement that can be applied to many ads these days. I actually enjoyed this particular ad.

  • The angry Catholic schoolgirls at 0:28 remind me of my time as an awkward nerdy kid at the local Catholic grade school. Not really knowing that I wanted the girls’ attention, but knowing that I’d never get it. They always seemed so strange and different. I never thought I’d understand them, sometimes I still feel like a don’t.

    I guess that’s how Microsoft wants us to think about the Surface.

  • Chillax

    It’s just an ad. Why is ol’ Jimmy so harsh? Granted Apple’s own Smart Cover ad wasn’t jarring. Still… there’s nothing that ball-sucking about the Surface ad.

  • sfmitch

    After seeing the headline, I thought there was no way the ad was that bad. Boy, was I wrong.

    The ad completely sucks balls.

  • At least they’re trying to be a little different than the iPad, you can’t say that for any of the Android tablets except the Fire. Not that I’ve ever buy one, just saying.

  • So what I get from the iPod ad is that with one click to the play button, the iPod start bouncing and multiple iPods start coming out. -_-

  • So if we trust the ad, about 7 billion Surface devices will be sold by the end of the year, every man, woman, child and some of the more intelligent primates will own one…

    That view of your importance is called megalomania, Mr. and Mrs. Microsoft!

    No ordinary dude on the streets has any understanding of how The UI Formerly Known As Metro (TUIFKAM) will work and it has no similarities with the UI they know from Windows 95 to Windows 7.

    The iPad UI is closer to the OS X UI than TUIFKAM to any other prior Windows, except Windows Phone.

    So instead of doing the necessary thing, telling people how that collection of tiles will improve their experience using computers/tablets, they create a megalomaniac dancing vision as their ad.

    Way to go, Microsoft!

    The way of the dodo…

    • My 7 year old figured it out instantly in a Microsoft store without any guidance. Thank the iPad for swipe becoming common.

  • honus

    I learned that a Surface is like a KitKat.

  • CJ

    my god that tile system looks like it was designed for babies. Shocked at how dumb that looks…

  • Just spouting my couple of cents, even some things already said because I’m acknowledging I agree…

    As seen from this iMac ad, Apple’s known for a long time that ads don’t need to be about specs and things the product can do. If you catch someone’s attention, they’ll go to the internet or the store and find out more information. Even the iMac “3 Steps” ad didn’t show anything the computer did and told nothing about the thing, but it sure made it look easy and got a lot of people to go look and see. People want to have fun; this Surface ad emphasizes fun. (I wonder if it’ll make me dance like that. Cool. 🙂 )

    Even when Apple’s ads do give information, they focus generally on one thing (maps or photos or music or etc.) So, that could be a valid criticism here. But I really don’t see this as any worse than dancing silhouette iPod ads. Generally, I think the ad is fairly entertaining and should make enough people want to find out more.

    I’m looking forward to the Surface’s arrival and some real different ideas as to what a tablet is. (e.g. Is a tablet a mostly touch experience, or more like a netbook and therefore needs a “real” keyboard?)

  • Dave

    Surface means “better go find a table to put it on.”

  • I guess they focus so much on that clicking sound because that is the only feature that is 100% ready for consumer use.

    We should respect the fact that they were trying to be honest.

  • orvino

    definitely relying on peoples’ expectations of how tablets, i.e. iPads perform by not showing how it works only showcasing. Microsoft must be fearful of the end product.

  • cybervicky35

    You are a sleazy-bad-mouth-John-Gruber-wannabe who has his head far up the Apple’s butt. John gets it right. Read what he has to say.

  • toledo

    really – why are you so fucking angry geek — build something yourself

  • SixStringGoofball

    If we are being realistic here, Microsoft missed the bus. Apple has simply had more time to develop its ecosystem of apps. Kinda feel like Microsoft is now just copying Apple in their approach. Spoiler alert–It’s not going to work!

  • Tvaddic

    The Apple Lisa ad wasn’t informative, and it is regarded as one of the top advertisements of all time.

  • MS took the smart cover, and made it smart. The school girls, they are kick ass!!!!!

  • The little catholic schoolgirl “dance” is nothing but intentional sexual innuendo and it’s disgusting and troubling. You can even see some of the girls panties when they spread their legs in a VERY unladylike fashion.

    • Calling the out

      Wow Erica to gauge sexual innuendo out of that dance. Sexually repressed anyone? Lol!

  • mythink

    I was wondering why the school girls look so angry and it’s mainly because whoever cut the video is an idiot and took it out of context. See full school girls break dance.

    Cause sure look pissed because they didn’t get their ipad in the regular release of the commercial.

  • some ridica good dancers wish they were a group

  • Phillip Woeckener

    I’ve bought my last Microsoft product. Every PC I’ve every owned had countless problems, and never worked as advertised. No amount of smoke and mirrors can sell me on this piece of crap that Microsoft has supposedly upgraded to.

  • skinnypuppy

    Wow I can just see how this ad developed, a bunch of guys sitting in a room…. Lets throw stuff up in the air, no wait a minute lets throw the tablet up in the air, hey lets do some irish jigging and maybe some break dancing. I got a line on some Catholic School girls that are looking for work I bet we can get them cheap! Whats a Surface anyway dude

  • In short Surface is good if you are a dancer, and not a good idea if you are a professional

  • Jaden Levi

    And Apple’s ads suck ass. Your point?

  • OC

    Their commercials are awful. You can’t understand them, in Korean, really? And they are annoying. Can’t they make a commercial that everyone can understand?