Echofon for Mac will be no more

Naan Studio’s Kazuho Okui has announced in a blog post that the company is discontinuing its Echofon Twitter client for Mac, Windows and Firefox.

Okui says the apps will continue to function, but Naan Studio plans end support for them in November, and there are no plans to update the apps in the future.

Naan is focusing its efforts instead on the mobile versions of Echofon – the company produces iOS versions optimized for iPhone and iPad.

  • Brian Cerveny

    They also just introduced an Android app beta in the last week.

  • Tom

    What they didn’t say, because they graciously chose not to throw Twitter under the bus, is that Twitter is killing the API that Echofon Mac depends on to work in March.

    • Michael Stanclift

      They know the old line. “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.”

      It sucks what Twitter is doing, don’t get me wrong. Their official clients are rubbish, but if you’re a third party Twitter developer you’d be foolish not to continue development without an out. (TweetBot > NetBot)

  • Fahfoofnik

    Had Tweetbot for Mac (Alpha/Beta/whatever it is now) had not come about, I’d be very disappointed to read this. Echofon was my go-to Twitter client for several years, probably since its inception. It’s Tweetbot to the death for me now across all my devices, but Echofon was solid for me for years. Sorry to hear this news.

  • Don’t know how I missed this. Echofon has been my main client for over a year. LOVE it. In the past 2 months, I’ve had problems with it on my iPhone with the Siri button being grayed out and not available. In frustration one day, I went looking for new clients and found Tweetbot.

    It’s nice, but not as clean and smooth as Echofon. It has a learning curve to it and doesn’t seem quite as intuitive as Echofon.

    One Twitter client that I love – it’s beautiful – is Janetter, but it doesn’t yet have push notifications. However, their Mac app is stellar.

    One of the main things I want from Twitter apps, on iPhone, iPad and Mac is:

    1. Syncing to last tweet read.

    2. Push

    3. Multiple account capability

    One thing I HATE about Tweetbot is when you “@” someone, it pulls in a long list of people that I don’t even follow, which forces me to enter more characters to get to the person in the list I want to mention.

  • JT

    Echofon for Mac is back. They just released an update yesterday due to popular demand with new features and improvements. I’m glad they revived it and will continue to support it.