Apple’s rumored Oct. 23 iPad mini event

John Paczkowski:

People familiar with Apple’s plans tell us that the company will unveil the so-called “iPad mini” on Oct. 23 at an invitation-only event.


  • ;^)

  • There it is 🙂

  • Excellent.

  • nuttmedia

    “yep” will never grow old

    • mediumsizedrob

      Its beyond old. But I’m still glad to see it.

  • omg….Jim say “yep”…..its in the BOOKS now

  • torifile

    I saw this coming when Apple scheduled their earnings call on a Thursday. They never have them on Thursdays.

    • Torifile, you in fact could be the next Dalrypimple.

      • torifile


        No way. I could never grow a beard like that. My wife would kill me.

  • Andrew Hopper

    ‘Tis now fact

  • Just put my Nexus 7 on eBay 🙂 I’m still a bit surprised at the lack of leaked parts on this thing…

    • Sharon_Sharalike

      I think so far it’s been built in Brazil, where the underground leak railroad isn’t yet in place. 🙂

      • WTF?! did you mean with that? You do know that the factory was put up in a metropolitan area right?! =oP

        • Sharon_Sharalike

          Sorry, I didn’t mean to be obscure. The leaks have to be snuck out. One historical metaphor for something like that is an underground railroad. It’s not in any way a commentary about Brazil. It’s just simply a new production venue, and it of course takes time for the network of leaks to build up.

  • Lorenzo Decoster

    What about iMacs?

    • Steven Fisher

      What about ’em?

      They’ll get updated sooner or later. I don’t see it happening as an aside at a special event dedicated to a new product line, do you?

      • Darrell

        I could see them being mentioned first as a warm up for the iPad mini or quietly updated on the web site and not mentioned at event. They are obviously long overdue for a refresh and based on the number of people asking there is a lot of bent up demand. They have to be coming soon.

      • Jason


        the iMac will get updated “sooner or later”?

        It’s already “later”. it’s more than double the normal lifecycle for that product.

  • I’m really hoping to be blown away by this thing, but honestly it’s a bit of a head scratcher. I love my iPad like I’ve never loved another tech gadget, and the iPhone 5 is the perfect mobile phone. I’m not sure we need something in between. I’m hoping/expecting Apple will have a purpose/function for this that makes its purpose, beyond just a smaller iPad, immediately obvious.

    • Ed Araquel

      If you’re already happy with your iPhone and iPad, I don’t think this is the product for you. This mini iPad reaches out to those that want an alternate form factor in order to buy into the Apple ecosystem.

      • Asad Quraishi

        Cheaper iPad

    • Dfreg


      • Aaron Dowd


    • tylernol

      The iPad vs iPad Mini/Air is a bit like Macbook 13 vs 15. Most people will just go with the size they prefer , and not get both. Although I think I would prefer an Air/Mini for reading, especially if it is thinner than than the iPad. Anno colors like the iPod touch would be fun too.

    • Paul Escott

      I want one because there are apps on my phone I’d like on a larger screen but still smallish. Firstly my book apps like kindle and also my GPS apps to use live in the car and my Gyroplane. Phones are too small to operate whilst piloting and iPads are too big to dash mount.

    • Stacy

      It’s also about meeting a price point where other companies are selling devices and Apple has nothing yet to offer. Some people won’t shell out for an iPad but would jump all over something in the $150-200 range. Apple could dominate that market as well.

  • I imagine Jim has the email address “” set up just for Tim Cook to be able to email that and put “Oct. 23 event” in the subject line, and presto.

    • I’m pretty sure Jim will “yep” that comment anytime soon.

  • Jim must have changed the signature in the e-mail client. Otherwise it would have read…


    Sent from iPad Junior

  • i see a possible uptake for more small business / enterprise use of this thing. smaller form factor – easier point of sale, customer / sales person interaction / etc.

    love my ipad (jailbroken, so i can send it locked out to clients) for presentations and such. having a slightly smaller one for job site / other uses could see a use too.

    • Perhaps iOS 6 Guided Access can do what you need? Might save you from needing to jailbreak.

      • Sort of works. I haven’t gotten a straight answer on how long guided access stays active – forever? I usually FedEx the iPad off to clients. Is it persistent through automatic timeouts?

        And, something I haven’t seen yet is how it handles screen time outs. I’ve played with it on my phone, but haven’t been able to let it sit for 12/24/36 hours yet. Need my phone for that. Don’t want to upgrade and then have to JB again.

        The nice thing about the JB is that I can lock out all the apps but 2-3. Lock out WiFi, hide apps and have a clean homescreen with just those 2-3 apps on it (aside from that damned Newstand, which goes to page 2), and I can lock out the data connection via cable to a PC or Mac should someone want to snag my 650 images. I can also have it remember non grid placement of apps, so I can have 3 on the launch bar and nothing on the main area, so my title screen and personalized message are legible…

  • Every time Apple releases a product, there are two responses: 1) Those who hate something of the product (a.k.a. Maps), usually mistankenly taken the tree for the forest; 2) Those who have an excuse not to buy the product: “The perfect iPhone ‘for me’ would be a 3.9 or 4.1 inches… never a 4 inches one.” For the last ones, the ones that do not have the guts to say “I want the iPhone 5 but I cannot buy it” is that Apple is delivering, in my opinion, the iPad mini/junior/air. There would we a size for everyone! Well, almost… I want a 30″ iPad mega!

    • Steven Fisher

      Yup. As much as I love some of the insightful comments here, the parade of people here just to rain makes me wonder if it’s worth it.

  • And somewhere, in a darkened meeting room, Jeff Bezos’ eyes narrow with seething hatred.

  • I can already think of one acquaintance (who’s been considering a Kindle tablet) who might be relieved to hear about this.

  • Holio


    • Nope.

      • CapnVan

        I don’t know that I “like” that, really, but there’s a price point that they’ve got to hit, I would think.

        The question that pops to mind is: What does this do to the just-shipping iTouch? You’ve got to hit a price that’s competitive with the $199 Kindle Fire HD, wouldn’t you think? Already $100 cheaper than the base iTouch?

        • Exactly. Apple has to create a clear “difference” not only in price, but in features, between the iPad mini and iPad.

  • Sure would like a ‘yep’ or ‘nope’ to new iMacs before the end of this year.

    • Darrell

      So still no word on new iMacs? I was hoping we would get at same time as mini.

  • Lelemarea

    And Imac?

  • McHoffa

    how about a “yep” on the iMac refresh rumors!?

  • chjode

    Jim, your “yep” has become an industry term. Perhaps next time, you can shake things up with a “yeppers” or “yesh” just to throw people off.

  • Jim is money when it comes to confirming these events.

  • Graham

    Puts it closer to the Surface/Windows 8 release, steals Microsoft’s thunder. Love it.

  • Gromit1704

    I’m betting it will be called something like:

    IPadRetinaAirMini or iPram for short

  • Applefan

    Jim, are we getting a new mac mini too ? Please say yep.

  • chojin999

    It surely is a huge mistake by Tim Cook. Apple has no need to release any damn iPad Mini thing. It’s only going to cause a drop in iPad sales. It’s cannibalization what will happen to Apple. iPad has 70% of market share. Why releasing a cheaper smaller iPad just in a hope to catch those that buy very cheap bad Android tablets? It’s a dumb move. Really. And sincerely, Steve Jobs was absolutely right. Below 10 inches a tablet it’s a mess to use. It’s not a tablet anymore. In fact Android tablets suck. And an iPad Mini is going to cause some serious trouble to developers too. Because you can’t just use the same interface used on the iPad, nor you could just use that for iPhone/iPod either. Developers will face the need to redesign their apps to adapt for a smaller iPad screen, because usability will be seriously affected on a iPad Mini.

    • CapnVan

      “iPad has 70% of market share.”

      For all tablets. But they have 0% of the 7-8 inch market. Amazon doesn’t release their sales figures, but supposedly the Kindle Fire is selling pretty well. (Admittedly, because they’re selling at cost, and hoping to make it up on the content end.) Clearly, there’s a demand there.

      Do you think they would have increased the screen size on the iPhone 5 if they didn’t think that the demand for a larger screen was there? Even Apple haters admit that they’re phenomenally good at selling stuff. Generally, they know what people want, before the people do. But when the people start pushing, they jump to get into that space as well — the iPod was FireWire only, until they realized that Windows users demanded them, too. Next thing you know, it’s USB.

      I forget who it was who laid out the iDevice matrix (Horace Dediu?), but there was clearly a spot for a 7-8 inch iPad “Mini” in both the price and feature space.

      “And an iPad Mini is going to cause some serious trouble to developers too.”

      Again, I’ve forgotten who did the math, but particularly if it’s not a Retina display, it’s just a matter of letting Retina-ready iPhone 4S-ready apps scale up to iPad “Mini” display. It doesn’t look good on a iPad screen, but it’s sufficient on a “Mini” screen. Certainly, it’s a compromise, but Apple has shown that it’s exactly those compromises that win users over.

      “In fact Android tablets suck.”

      Well, obviously!

      • kibbles

        the chart youre referring to is from iamconcise dot com. google this:

        iPad mini price umbrella

    • kibbles

      a huge mistake? so you’re saying you can better manage the world’s biggest company? then surely you know about price umbrellas… can’t post links here (grr) but google:

      iPad mini price umbrella

      …first link. then you’ll know what you didn’t know you didn’t know.

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    What about a new iMac on the 23rd?

  • yep

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