Apple to pay SBB for iOS 6 clock design

The Verge (via Daring Fireball):

Apple has agreed to pay the Swiss national railway (SBB) for use of its iconic clock design in iOS 6’s Clock application.

Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed.

The iOS 6 clock design was unmistakably the same as the Swiss national railway’s design. Glad to see Apple do the right thing.

  • Happy to see them move forward in this way.

    Hopefully they stop this behavior and start getting permission ahead of time or just do something custom.

  • Luke

    “Glad to see Apple do the right thing.”

    You make it sound like they did this out of the goodness of their hearts, rather than stealing the design (stealing, that’s the word you guys use for this when an entity other than Apple does it, right?), and only licensing it when threatened with a lawsuit.

  • wish they brought this to the iphone platform as well….the clock would make a great lock screen…. ipocket watch….

  • They should have rolled out the old ‘pebbles and bowl of water’ argument.