The Magazine

A magazine for people who love technology, especially the internet, mobile, truly great personal computers, and related fields influenced by technology such as photography, publishing, music, and even coffee.

A new iOS technology magazine from Marco Arment, the founder of Instapaper.

  • CJ

    Requires iOS 6?!? My iPad 1 is hoping that is an error.

    • Jason

      Nope, Marco had mentioned he wanted to try to go iOS 6 only for this app on his podcast. He did mention that he has an iOS 5 version available if there is enough blow-back so send him a note saying you want to use it on your iPad 1, couldn’t hurt.

  • Mother Hydra

    More like insta-subscribe.

  • I looked at the article previews, and assumed the first two paragraphs were indicative of their articles’ content.

    One was a fan-mag article about a popular tech pundit, a guy who’s a good driver of page hits within the tech blogosphere. So, yet another adulatory, inside-baseball blog post about a popular tech blogger whose popularity causes bandwidth problems for other tech blogs that write about inside baseball. Color me elsewhere.

    Another looked for all the world like a Sunday-supplement general-interest piece. Granted, that’s sort of what Marco promised. Meh.

    A third was apparently about sports. Wow, no.

    And only one seemed to be about anything I’d want to read, which means I hope the magazine gets some subscribers, because Michael Lopp deserves a paying audience.

    But if I got the wrong impression from the opening grafs of the other pieces, then Marco needs to have an editor write up better abstracts, because I’m losing interest in installing trial apps that deliver something less than what they promise.

    I imagine the format and presentation of this app will be splendid. Hope it expands beyond its current focus.