Put up or shut up Google

John Kirk with a message for Eric Schmidt:

The proof is in the profits. If you don’t the have profits, you don’t have the proof. And if you don’t have the proof, then please, just stop talking.

Schmidt also said that the majority of TVs would have Google in them by now too. How’s that working out for you Schmidt?

  • Why is profit the measuring stick? If that was the case, Amazon would be a failure in every sense.

    Also, nearly every major TV manufacturer announced they were building Google TVs right after he said that. He new what he was talking about.

    • Because “profit” is why you get into business.

      • They profit. How much profit must they have before it is legit?

        • VGISoftware

          Another word for “profit” is “cash”, and in the recent interview with Mossberg/Swisher, Schmidt himself was drooling over how much Apple has.

          • Drooling is a bit strong. He merely said he’d CEO the company with the most money out of a predefined list of companies. Hardly drooling.

            Google has plenty of cash and Android contributes to that pile.

          • VGISoftware

            It’s a figure of speech. Watch the interview, bozo.

          • Lol. Angry much? Lmbo. (Rhetorical and a figure if speech) lol

            I read it earlier. That’s how I could refute your claim.

          • VGISoftware

            I’m not angry. You are, you pathetic droid troll.

          • Classy and classic.

            1 iMac, 2 MBPs, 2 iPad’s, an Apple TV, and an iPhone 4s all in circulation at my house. Just because I’m not sold out on all things Apple (much prefer the S3 to the iPhone) doesn’t make me a droid.

            Typed on a Nexus 7.

  • Andyoneal

    If you’re a developer deciding which platform will put your app in front of more people, you might care about market share. Now, in this case, iPhone users buy apps more often so it’s not the whole picture but market share isn’t worthless.

    • VGISoftware

      I care about profits. And I don’t want to hassle with fragmentation.

      • DT


        There’s been a ton of articles showing that regardless of marketshare, iOS developers make more money and iOS users spend more money. That makes sense of course: tons of those Android activations are simply the free/cheap/walk-in device that will never produce any followup revenue (both my ILs are prime examples).

        “Asymco estimates that Android developers made $210M in all of 2011, compared to the $700M pocketed by Apple iOS developers in the Q4 2011. And getting paid attracts more developers to Apple.”

        If anyone has any more recent stats, I’d like to see them. If I were developing for the consumer market, I’d go iOS hands down (actually developing for the enterprise/vertical market and still started with iOS, considering Android…)

      • Then you shouldn’t develop because every platform is fragmented, including the web and iOS.

  • The author of that piece seems to be missing the forrest for the trees. Android may or may not be profitable, we may never know, but we know that Google as a whole is profitable.

    Android itself may never be very profitable, or profitable at all, but it helps give Google’s core advertising a better footing in the future, as more and more Internet use switches to mobile devices.

    • Horace detailed some things earlier this year showing it is profitable. It isn’t much compared to the markup Apple puts in devices, resulting in hundreds in profit per device, but it is profit.

      You’re right about driving the ecosystem.

  • Zeatrix

    This argument seems so out of date to me. In my world profit isn’t the most important thing.

  • I don’t see what the problem is w/ the activation numbers being touted by Google? If they don’t wanna make a profit, that’s good for us consumers, no? It’s not like they’re saying “we’re the most profitable” platform in the world :-/ And there are many examples of companies that tout sales of 1 thing but make their profit on something else. McDonalds tells you how many Billions of Hamburgers they’ve sold, yet they make no money on those- their profit is in the French Fries & Coke. Even Apple used to crow about the number of songs downloaded on iTunes when we all know they made no profit through them :-$