Apple hires Samsung chip designer

The gadget maker has hired Jim Mergard, a 16-year veteran of Advanced Micro Devices who was a vice president and chief engineer there before he left for Samsung. He is known for playing a leading role in the development of a high-profile AMD chip that carried the code name Brazos and was designed for low-end portable computers.

  • “Gadget maker”, seriously?

    • DT

      Hahaha, Apple, makers of trinkets, doodads and geegaw 😀

    • Mother Hydra

      Makes ya wonder right??

    • Damning with faint praise.

  • Mother Hydra

    Hey guys, maybe if we slant our articles like this for long enough, people’s opinion will be subverted. Works for Cthulhu. Although not even the mighty Cthulhu can bring the noise down on a P/E ratio. I’m having to much fun, no more Hopadillo for me.