PDFpen to the rescue

This afternoon my daughter came to me with a problem. She had a PDF file that she needed to search but it wouldn’t find any of the keywords. It looked to me like the file was actually an image that was converted to a PDF, so there were no recognized words in the document, just image data.

After confirming this on Twitter and listening to the many recommendations, I downloaded PDFpen and ran OCR on the document. In under a minute (it was a large document), I was able to search and select all text I wanted.

Thanks Smile Software.

  • Steven Fisher

    I did not known PDFpen had OCR. Thanks for the tip!

  • Leon_speegle

    PDFpen rocks! And the iPad version is just as awesome.

  • Alex

    Unfortunately the iPad version doesn’t do a text search

  • Love Smile & PDFpen; just for the record, Evernote will also do this for you.

  • Big fan of PDFpen. It is my main PDF reader and editor. Not a perfect replacement for Acrobat though.

  • I certainly don’t miss the days when needing OCR meant you had to buy a separate utility for a three-digit price.