Consumer Reports: iPhone 5 not the only one with ‘purple haze’

The Apple iPhone 5, which our Ratings reveal is a standout camera, is no more prone to purple hazing on photos shot into a bright light source than its predecessor or than several Android phones with fine cameras, according to special Consumer Reports tests.

Now maybe all the dumbasses will shut up.

  • “Now maybe all the dumbasses will shut up.”


  • tylernol

    people love to rag on Apple these days.They are on top, and haters have nothing else to do but looks for things to complain about. It is amazing to hear what people say about the iPhone 5 when they have never even touched one. The best defense is to just show them how fucking awesome it is. Even gimpy Maps can impress, the turn by turn navigation and the 3D(when it is there) are impressive.

  • Dennis Madrid

    After reading the title, all I can think of is “iPhone 5, Hendrix Edition” 😉

    • deviladv

      You just made the coolest phone on the planet ten times cooler 🙂

  • MrPhotoEd

    Dumbasses have a serious need to be recognized for what they are and if they shut up, they will lose that ability to be recognized.

    Just a thought

  • A maybe is already too much to ask when dumbasses are involved :/

  • Steven Fisher

    You know, I used to trust Consumer Reports.

    But after the previous generations of iPhone, I feel distrustful when they something that seems blindingly obvious. Could it possibly be true? After all, it’s Consumer Reports.

    That’s really sad.

  • Franko65

    DAs will now revert to Plan B: “Yes but Apple’s iPhone has more glare!”

  • Paul

    I’m just happy someone at Consumer Reports apparently read the “when testing a complaint about the iPhone, test a bunch of other phones too” memo.

  • When CR publishes something pro iPhone, we use it as a reference. When CR publishes something negative about the iPhone (like they did with the 4), we bash them and proclaim how useless and out of touch they are.

    • Longtime observers will remember that CR’s strong suit is not found within computing or consumer electronics. If that has changed, it’ll take at least a few more even-handed reviews that suggest better methodology than they’ve used in the past.