Apple hits new high in PC shipment market share

Apple’s share of the U.S. market rose to 13.6% for the third quarter on the strength of the back-to-school market, which is typically drives Apple’s best performing quarter. The figure allowed Apple to maintain its comfortable hold on the third position in the U.S. market behind HP and Dell and marks Apple’s best performance in recent years in beating out the company’s 12.5% share in the third quarter of 2011.

iPhone, iPad and the Mac. Good news all around for Apple these days (By “these days”, I mean the last decade).

  • Just think what they could do with a new desktop.

    • JohnDoey

      They do have a new desktop. It’s called “MacBook Pro with Retina Display” and it is their fastest desktop yet and it has probably already outsold all Mac Pro ever made.

      iPad 3 is big and badass and Retina enough that it made many people give up a notebook. The MacBook Pro with Retina makes you give up desktops. Everything gets smaller.

      • Alright, where’s the dislike button?

        I don’t need a portable, and I don’t want to pay a premium for a smaller screen and underpowered CPU.

  • John David

    And that percentage is just going to get higher & higher with each passing year.

    Quality Rules!

  • JohnDoey

    Apple has been number one for a while on the strength of iPad sales. iPad is a low-end PC that competes with other low-end $399–$829 PC’s from HP and Dell, Lenovo and others for the exact same users and computing tasks.

    If Apple split off iPad as a separate company, iPad Inc, it would be the world’s largest PC maker.

    By removing iPad from these numbers, you distort the single most important view of the 2012 PC industry, which is the move to ARM and touch. That move is so far underway that even Microsoft is shipping an ARM touch PC in about 2 weeks from now. Those will be counted as PC’s of course.

    It is just like with the Mac, which had to get an Intel processor and swallow 90% of the high-end PC market before it started getting counted as a PC. But compare the last PowerPC (PC) Mac and the first Intel Macs — they are the same. You can’t even tell them apart. How can one not be a PC and one is?

    If I’m running Safari, Mail, Keynote, iMovie in 2009 on my Mac PC and now in 2012 I’m running Safari, Mail, Keynote, iMovie on my iPad, how is my iPad not a PC? Same user, same tasks, same apps, same full-size views, same documents, same operating system core, same SVP of hardware engineering.

    So either both Mac and iPad are PC’s, or they both are not.