Zoom Multistomp

With the size and weight of a typical single stompbox, the MS-50G includes a thorough lineup of high-quality effects types. It features 47 stompbox effects and 8 amp models. Along with distortion, reverb, modulation and other classic effects, its amp models simulate some of the most prized pieces of live and studio gear.

Picked this up today. Looks really cool, but I’ll post more details after I’ve used it for a bit.

  • adrianoconnor

    Looks good! If it was this versus something like the Line 6 Pod Farm GX, which would you go for?

  • donebylee

    Unless its presets are midi controllable, I don’t get pedals like these. My pedalboard sits on the floor, I’m not going to get down on my hands and knees to change settings between songs.

    Maybe if you keep your pedals mounted in a rack this makes sense.