Major Windows 8 update

I agree with MG on this one — it wasn’t ready to begin with.

  • Canucker

    Read the comments to that article. How was this ever an RTM with that level of quality?

  • Mother Hydra

    I can say with certainty that this release will be disastrous if our infrastructure upgrade is any indication. Many, many show-stopping bugs still exist in Win 8 to the point where everyone is going to full stop and reverse course. I want to like Win8 but it simply isn’t there yet.

  • EzraWard

    I absolutely don’t agree with Mr. Siegler on this. Mainly due to the fact that Microsoft isn’t releasing a service pack here. Just a normal set of hot-fixes for the OS that happen to be ready before GA.

  • djh

    Due to the interface changes Im not sure how many enterprises will adopt W8. However I have been a user of W8 and Server 2012 since RC and have found them to be solid and functional. The additiontions to IIS and HyperV alone make Server 2012 a great update.

  • I’m sure Microsoft’s Marketing people will take care of everything.

  • Shaoolin

    OK, let’s be honest here, Mountain Lion has a number of major issues, some of which are still not fixed today. When it shipped, the ACPI was partially broken causing strange behaviours in sleep/wake-up situations, the CalendarAgent and overall Exchange integration is erratic at best, the Nvidia driver need some serious work to bring back the performance that we had in Lion or Tiger …. Mountain Lion was also the example of an OS that was not fully baked when it was released. Bugs are normal, fixing them is important, I actually applaud the company who is going to fix them as fast as they can to offer a better experience to their user. So as much as I don’t like W8 and prefer OSX, I think we should be careful not to bash MS for the sake of bashing. Especially in the light of the recents blunder with Mountain Lion or IOS6.