‘Best iPhone yet’

The Apple iPhone 5 is among the best smart phones in our Ratings and the best iPhone yet, our completed tests confirm.

I still don’t trust Consumer Reports.

  • Steven Fisher

    Hard to believe they STILL haven’t figured out the low light camera. What a bunch of morans.

    • deviladv

      Andy Inhatko had trouble with the low light camera too. Just saying.

      • That’s not saying much.

  • deviladv

    Consumer Reports is a good resource for things you don’t know much about. I never liked their computer or phone reviews. My father is a furniture upolsterer, and never liked their furniture reviews. They are trying to reach average people who don’t have the same demands and knowledge as us geeks do. I found their car reviews helpful.

    • They’re historically better with some product categories than others.

  • CR stills gives zero weight (i.e., there is not column in the rating chart) to apps. No weight is given for whether or not your software will be upgraded.

    I trust them for washing machines, but not for phones.

  • “Trust isn’t broken, it’s shattered.” — @rands

  • You can’t rely on anything they say, good or bad, when they make claims like they can find little difference in low light performance between the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S. Dozens of other sites have run comparisons showing dramatic improvements in low light performance with the iPhone 5. What does that tell you about either Consumer Reports methodology or the competency of the testers?

  • Consumer Reports – much to my dismay – has proven again and again, that they have an anti-Apple agenda.

    Some of it is subtle; perhaps due to a tech staff that is stuck in the olden days – and I say this as someone who’s been in the biz since 1985, so I know I’m at risk of doing it too.

    Some of it – like the anti-iPhone jihad – is sadly overt.

    However the worst part is this: What else are they covering poorly, or with bias? It calls into question all of their ratings, especially those in which they don’t disclose their methodology and/or weighting.