Hex colors

Great information on colors.

  • Steven Fisher


    If you’re serious about tweaking levels of colors, you should be using RGB only as your final output (If it’s really necessary) and working in HSB or HSL instead.

    This might seem like a silly objection, but the problem with working in RGB is that you try to think in RGB. This really stands out in this article; from “Make Hexadecimals Work For You” and down, you’re doing things the hard way.

    If you’re using HSB/HSL, this is all so much simpler.

    Want a warmer color? Change the hue.

    What a faded image? Change the saturation.

    Every time you just twiddle hex values hoping it looks right, you’re probably drifting a little from your intent.

    Treat RGB as an output only, and work in HSB or HSL until you can’t anymore.