‘If Steve Jobs were alive, he would fire Tim Cook.’ Bullshit.


[First, some rambling crap about what the writer calls “Mapplegate;” that neologism alone angers me enough to want to put my fist through a wall. Then…]

Steve Jobs set the bar so ridiculously high that it’s almost unfair to criticize what happens on Cook’s watch. It’s like ridiculing David Lee Roth for not being able to successfully replace Howard Stern in morning drive radio. Roth was out of his league.

But let’s not stop you from suggesting that Tim Cook should be fired over “Mapplegate.”

What absolutely arrogant, stupid bullshit.

  • Scott Forstall on the other hand…

  • aleand

    Yeah, but you link to it, and that’s their game. They win.

    Except their credibility slowly crumbles, I guess.

  • rwitt

    I actually tried to read this article. It was almost incomprehensible and very, very dumb. But it has Apple, Steve Jobs, and Tim Cook in the headline, so it will surely garner thousands and thousands of pageviews.

  • And yet this is supposed to be part of the content that Forbes readers rely upon to understand the consumer tech market. Remarkable.

    • rwitt

      In fairness, this terrible article wasn’t written by Forbes, but by a Forbes “contributor.” My company has a Forbes contributor blog too and Forbes never even screens or reads the content we post to it. They just treat it like free content. I really think Forbes should do a better job distinguishing their own content from the dreck created by their contributors if they want to preserve their brand from garbage like this.

      • I agree, they should. This is true of a lot of mainstream publications that are attempting to supplement their content with the equivalent of Shecky’s Tech Blog. I’d love to hear what longtime subscribers think of crap like this, and to find a way to gauge how it affects public perception of the magazine’s brand.

  • They used Rush Limbaugh to make their case, so they should automagically be blacklisted from getting any more links.

  • Peter,

    Over the last couple of months there has been a steady flow or anti-Apple news from Forbes. It’s not just this article, but every single Apple article from them has had an anti-Apple take. I don’t know who at Apple peed in their cornflakes but this appear to be a vendetta.

    • D Pauw

      It gets them hits. When your mom asks you about the latest anti-Apple Forbes article you know why they’re doing it.

  • Slurpy2k11

    I wonder if the writer considered what Steve Jos would think of his shitty article, were he still alive? No, probably not.

  • Boo

    If anyone needs to be fired it is a journalist that comes up with a word like “mapplegate”

    What is with this trend of “I know what Steve would have done”? As has been pointed out before by one of the writers on this site, these clowns couldn’t figure out what he’d do when he was alive but they think they can do it now?

    Can’t wait to hear Peter tear into this guy on AMB.

  • Steve Jobs would have shit on the floor in the hallway at Apple HQ, just so he could use this article to wipe the floor. This is FACT, I have sources… anonymous, highly-placed sources.

  • Claude Hénault

    By this logic, if Steve Jobs were alive he would have to have fired Steve Jobs, the CEO.

    Needless to say, he would not, but he might have had a tough talk with Scott Forstall, Senior Vice President of iOS software.