Foo Fighters hiatus

Dave Grohl took to the Foo Fighters Facebook page Tuesday with a note confirming the band will take a hiatus just a few days after his onstage comments at the Global Citizen Festival in New York led to rumors of a break-up.

One of the last shows they did was at the iPhone 5 launch, and I was there.

  • I’m really bummed about this. I’ve seen them live several times, including the acoustic set they did at the Pantages in Hollywood that they filmed for the Skin and Bones concert movie, and they were always superb. Just a great, old school rock n’ roll band. Here’s hoping the break is over much, much sooner than later.

  • Grohl might simply still be suffering the temporary effects of caffeine withdrawal.

  • Domicinator

    Steve Jobs would have fired Tim Cook for causing their breakup by having them play at the iPhone event.

  • So he got another shot at being Tom Petty’s drummer? 🙂