Google passes Microsoft in market value

Google rose 1 percent to $761.78 at the close in New York, gaining a market capitalization of about $249.9 billion. Microsoft, the world’s biggest software maker, fell less than 1 percent to $29.49, for a valuation of $247.2 billion.

I bet Microsoft never thought this would happen.

  • Boo

    I am sure Microsoft isn’t overly bothered by this as they have always found success in the long view rather than being a slave to quarterly results. If they did the XBox would not exist.

    Either way, both companies are resounding successes. Its not a zero sum game. There’s plenty of customers out there for Apple, Google, Microsoft and more to do very, very well. Many share customers and this company vs that company nonsense belongs back in the 90s.

    • Two of those three companies you mention will execute slightly better than the third.

      • Boo

        As long as they keep the majority of their users happy and meet their needs it really doesn’t matter.

        • This is what I’m saying. Microsoft is, at best, inconsistent with meeting user needs. They cover their shortcomings with bluster and promises.

          Sure, they have a great revenue stream from Office and Windows, but in their desperation to push users & developers towards their mobile version of Windows 8, it’s looking as though they’re making the same arrogant assumptions that sidelined users in previous product failures.

          • Boo

            While I am a long time Mac user, I have about two and a half decades of experience with Microsoft products and have generally been very happy with them. The vast majority of the Windows users I know, and I know a lot of them are by and large, happy with their products.

            Do they make mistakes and mess up sometimes? Sure. No company exists that hasn’t. I agree that Windows 8 has some headaches ahead for users, especially those not using 8 for touch based laptops and tablets but it is nothing unsurmountable.

            I use a Mac because I find it more suitable to my work style and aesthetic tastes not because I hate Microsoft or Google. I have no beef with MS and while I do have strong negative feelings towards Google, I simply use DuckDuckGo and other alternatives. There is no value in getting worked up over products I don’t use or in convincing other people to see things my way.

            It is clear that they don’t meet your needs and the solution is simple, my friend:

            Don’t buy one. 😉

          • You’re citing anecdotal experience in support of an opinion, which is what a lot of us to do a degree. You’re also making an assumption about my “politics”. Yes, I get a little “worked up” when people defend mediocre standards, no matter where those standards originate.

            I’ve bought Microsoft products for a little over half your tenure with them, not because I’ve satisfied with them, but because I felt I had to in order to maintain compatibility with clients and acquaintances. I’m far from alone in that respect.

            And I think you might find that the actual vast majority of Windows users—non-technically-trained consumers who’ve spent years of their lives puzzling out contorted UIs created by Redmond management—would use a different word than “satisfied” to describe something that often more closely resembles Stockholm Syndrome.

            Microsoft does not think of the user when its division VPs battle over feature turf in three-level-deep modal dialog boxes, nor did it think of the user when it sold millions of Windows-driven PCs that were left unprotected—by default—from online intrusion.

            “Nothing insurmountable”? Sure. But more of us now know what better work looks like when we see it.

          • Boo

            Okay, you seriously need to relax.

            I did not make any assumption or reference to your politics. When you use comparisons to Stockholm syndrome you loss all credibility just like people who throw around “Nazi” and “Communist” to try to make a point about a political stance they disagree with.

            There is a lot of actually important things to get upset over in this world and this is not one of them. This sort of strident bullshit just puts people off. Many of your posts come off as self righteous and arrogant.

            You are not going to convince anyone of anything by giving off the impression you thing they are stupid if they DARE disagrees with you. That may not be your intent but it is how you come off on this website.

            Such emotional attachment to the preferences of others is the realm of the religious. Debate is fine and good but as soon as emotion enters the picture your just jacking off.

          • Thanks for characterizing my tone merely because I disagreed with your dismissive rhetoric. Or for having standards.

            Also, thanks for telling me how I should express my opinions. And for helpfully identifying what I shouldn’t consider important enough to express them about. No hint of arrogance in your writing, no sir.

            I can’t decide whether to congratulate you for that, or for unlocking the Godwin achievement. Well done all around.

          • Boo

            Your just proving my point with posts like this. If you are this sensitive online I’d hate to see how you cope with the real world.

          • More personal insults. Keep going, you’re building a brand here.

          • Boo

            fap fap fap fap fap

            Whack on internet warrior, whack on.

          • …says the tit for tat blog post commenter.

            There are many ways to illustrate a lack of self awareness. Casting aspersions in forums over the futility of participating in forums is certainly one of them, and the most common.

          • Boo

            And your post is different how?

          • Great Googly Moogly. You’ve gone from lacking self awareness to being comatose.

          • Boo

            Man, some people here take themselves waaaay too seriously . . .

          • Have you had an EEG lately? I imagine it has a lot in common with Saskatchewan.

          • Slurpy2k11

            I like how instead of replying to the actual content of this post, you attack his ’emotional tone’ even though you have no clue if he actually got emotional, or if thats his writing style. I don’t understand what exactly your 4 paragraphs contributed, other than attacking the guy and making assumptions in a condescending fashion. At least his 4 paragraphs contained some content and justification, from his experience, as to why he has the opinions that he does, and stuck to the topic at hand. You did nothing of the sort.

          • Boo

            Let this shit go. My response was also referring to prior replies Moe has made to me that were condescending and insulting and I was tired of it.

            This shit is over and doesn’t need some white knight to ride in and play referee.

  • Boo

    Sheesh, you have to wonder about people who get upset when you don’t share their hate addiction.

    • Slurpy2k11

      All I’ve seen here is people getting upset because you post in an extremely trollish fashion, and seem to enjoy stirring shit up for the sake of it, and mocking others, while saying absolutely nothing. People like you are those I wonder about.

      • Boo

        If you read the earlier posts you will see this is not the case. Yes, my later posts are provocative them but no less than theirs. When people get all uppity and proclaim that people that do not agree with them have no taste, standards, etc. it is as insulting and provocative as it gets.

        If this sort of thing bothers someone, I wonder why they are on a page that features Peter Cohen, one of the Angry Mac Bastards (and all around awesome dude).

        All I did was refuse to join in on the VERY tiresome “Microsoft = Bad and if you don’t agree there is something wrong with you” meme and didn’t appreciate the condescending bullshit.

        The whole Mac vs PC thing is stupid. The majority of iOS device owners use Windows and Macs represent a very profitable part of Microsofts and a potential customer for their OS as well.

        Before anyone else presumes that I am some sort of Microsoft cheerleader let me be clear:

        I do not particularly like their products. Other than at work, I do not use their products. I own nothing but Macs and love them. I simply don’t see the need to attack MS or their customers because I prefer the Mac, let alone someone who who is rather neutral towards them.

        Move along people and don’t take yourselves so effing seriously.