AT&T says dropped calls down 35% in Bay area

It is a measure of just how much criticism AT&T got not long ago about service in and around San Francisco that the communications giant is now running a Bay Area-wide campaign touting a 35 percent decrease in dropped calls.

I still have problems in large cities, including those in the Bay area, but maybe it’s getting better.

  • chjode

    Isn’t this like AT&T saying “Remember all those folks who had problems with dropped calls? Well, 65% of them still do!”

  • I’d give this claim more credence if it had been made by an independent testing group.

  • That’s what happens when a big chunk of your customers switch to Verizon, and the rest switch to texting 😉

  • Dan Martinez

    Every time I drive by one of these, my inner voice helpfully translates the billboard’s declaration — “AT&T has reduced dropped calls by 35% in the Bay Area. (And we’re not done yet.)” — to its logical equivalent: “We suck less than we used to. (But we still kinda suck.)”