Comfortably Numb

Roger Waters and David Gilmour are two of the best.

  • Dylan

    I’m listening to Floyd right now. Coincidences…

    Jim. Are you in my house?

  • Nobody

    what does this have to do with Apple? This is turning into a LiveJournal blog and thus a candidate for removal from my RSS feeder.

    • Hrm … maybe cause, you know, Jim is a f**king musician he can post music related material …


    • Boo

      Want some cheese with that whine?

    • Steve Jobs loved music. He worked at Apple. Jim likes music. He writes about Apple.

      Now connect the points, see the picture?!

    • You wrote “what does this have to do with Apple?

      …but what I heard in my head as I read it was

      I’m a petulant dork with both a limited attention span and cognitive ability and I only find interesting those things which I find interesting, and do not consider what other people find interesting to be worth my time.”

  • Jeff C.

    Good bye, Nobody. We’ll miss you!

  • HowmaNoid

    I was literally just watching the video for “High Hopes” on YouTube, then this post popped up. Must be a glitch in the Matrix.

  • Went to the shows in Hamburg (15m from the stage, woah) and Düsseldorf – awesome concerts, still waiting for the Bluray of the show.

  • Boo

    True Rock Gods!!!

  • What happened to these days music? Why can’t musicians make masterpieces like this song? Lack of weed!?

    • Boo

      Uh, because they aren’t Pink Floyd. These are some of the most talented and experienced musicians that have ever picked up a guitar.

  • I love this song; and Glmour’s second solo is one of the reasons I learned to play guitar. He really chokes on the first solo here though – bum notes and missed phrases everywhere.

  • Ali, I can explain it. Many people decided to steal mp3’s, and as a result the record companies are now making 10% of the money they made back in the 80’s (adjusted for inflation), so they don’t have money to “develop” bands like Rush, Pink Floyd, Genesis, etc. They can’t afford to sign someone unless they know they’re going to make money. That’s what happened. Music will catch up, though. There are probably some great things being done in bedroom studios and garages that we’re just not hearing yet. The new Music Biz lacks some good filters right now to let the good stuff rise to the top. But it will eventually happen.