Apple’s Scott Forstall problem

There can be no doubt that as the Senior Vice President of iOS Software, Maps falls squarely on Scott Forstall’s shoulders.

  • There can also be no doubt that as the CEO of Apple, Maps falls squarely on Tim Cook’s shoulders.

    And someone should teach Elmer FUD what “heir apparent” means.

  • I would not lump Siri into the same pile as Maps. While I’ve personally only had some minor issues with Maps thus far, Siri has worked as advertised for me all along.

  • Maps is more complex than Siri, and may well be the most complex software project Apple has ever tackled. They need a specialist in charge because Forstall cannot oversee this and iOS.

  • sgns

    I tend to agree with Ankle Skater. It’s a huge project, but they must have known where they were stepping. It’s also note-worthy, I think, that the app in itself is beautifully simple and works perfectly. The data part, again, they must have known where they were stepping, very well.

    • rj

      In this problem, I think the UI is the “easy” part. The data part is what’s hard, and its what Google is much better at than Apple. A solution with a so-so UI but great data will beat a solution with a fantastic UI but so-so data. (BTW, my experience with iOS6 doesn’t match yours – the maps are indeed clear and visually appealing, but I’ve witnessed some weird problems with the placement of the popup bubbles. In any case, presumably not that difficult to fix.).

      Apple’s hope is that they can make a targeted mobile solution that is “good enough”. Google has an awful lot of assets in the geo space that Apple has not even attempted to compete with – a browser solution (along with all the Google Maps APIs), Google Earth, millions of miles of accumulated street view data, and of course integration with the petabytes of other data that Google has accumulated over the years.

  • lucascott

    I call bullshit on that statement. IF Forstall had designed, coded, licensed, tested Maps, Siri or whatever all by himself then fine, blame him.

    But he didn’t. He was not the only person working on this, he wasn’t the final voice. Tim Cook was. It was Cook that didn’t pull a Warners and say this wasn’t ready for prime time and yank it. It was Cook that didn’t override the previous decision months ago (when he was the acting CEO) to not try to extend the contract with Google and so on. He shares in the blame. Hell Steve Jobs was around when Siri was developed and the decision was made to release in “user testing beta mode” and was likely part of the decision over the Google contract etc. So even he likely shares in the blame.

    And all that stuff about Forstall being the ober douche bag etc, there’s zero proof. it could be real or just tabloid trash talk to pad up the notion that he is to blame cause of his immense ego. Until someone is willing to go on record with name given and proof that they did something but Forstall yanked the credit unduly, I’m going with trash

  • Guiromaraca

    My opinion is based upon some reports I have read about why Google and the Apple why explanations. So far is best interest for the OEMS to await for FCC and GOV approvals on carriers and other things behind the publicity of software upgrades in general. One thing I may mention related to IOS maps is the development of indoor GPS that is on beta for infrastructure upgrades and LTE. Thereby Apple timing for their Maps app development is about right to be in pace with all vendors, carriers the Gov’s to be in pace with innovations and innovators. For now Maps is a big propaganda for Google and the competition which Apple is among the community of fare trade competition.

  • I was really hoping that once the iPhone 5 launched, we would get a nice break for the hurricane of articles about it…

    I would love a great iMac, AppleTV, or even iPad mini rumor right about now.

  • Guiromaraca

    May someone tell Scott Forstall if all webpages are made equal with pinch to zoom gesture on IPhone 5. Or some connectivity WiFi issues abroad! Otherwise I do not see signs on pinch to zoom irregularity with Android HTC EVO 4G on Sprint network.