Apple’s Maps is a black eye, nothing more

I wrote a guest post on TechCrunch about Apple and its Maps app on the iPhone.

  • My God, now you’re forcing me to visit TC to read your stuff. Oh boy. Good article, though 🙂

  • Nice.

  • Ooooohhhhh… You are so going to be called a “fanboi”. 😛

    • Everyone knows Jim is just an impartial observer of events in the world of Apple. There’s no possible way anyone with an ounce of intelligence could accuse Jim of being biased towards Apple. There’s not a shred of evidence to support this. 🙂

  • Read the first few comments and your faith in humanity will drop like a rock.

  • Ridiculous! I have a great appreciation for Apple products, particularly my iPhones, but Apple need to understand that the Maps and location aware capabilities is key to differentiating a phone from a ‘smart’ phone! They should have continued to develop their Maps while providing users with Google Maps till the contract expired!! You can rely and trust Google’s mapping data, users will never know when they will be able to do this with Apple’s maps, in the UK the data is horribly inaccurate. Near where I live 90+% of business locations are wrong and lot’s of them are missing. If I want to search for a place with Apple’s maps, it’s unlikely I will get a search result and if I do, will it even be in the right place!?!

  • Trippie

    Jim, can you clarify something? I’ve seen many others say it, and now you here with, “the company’s new turn-by-turn mapping application that replaced Google’s offering on the iPhone.”

    Isn’t this incorrect? As far as I was aware, the previous Maps app was made by Apple, just with data and map tiles licensed from Google. Mike Matas was one of several Apple UI designers that helped create the app with Apple’s engineers. Other than the license terms and back end data, I thought Google had no control in the design or user experience of the app, which also explains why it looked nothing like any of their other iOS apps or Android Maps app.