Twitter adds new features

Great, now how about an app that doesn’t suck balls.

  • As soon as Tapbots sells Tweetbot to them, they’ll have an app that doesn’t suck balls. Until then, expect a whole lot of ball-sucking.

    • Steven Fisher

      They started with Tweetie, which was an amazing app.

      So buying Tapbots wouldn’t do anything permanent.

      • That’s exactly why I say they have to buy Tweetbot. They obviously can’t build a half-decent app themselves, so buying is the only option. And even then, it only lasts for a year or so before their “updates” completely destroy the app (like they did with Tweetie and TweetDeck).

        • Twitter will buy good apps like Tweetbot to bury them.

  • hootieandtheshellfish

    Don’t worry, Jim. Mr. Cook already apologized for it this morning and is working extra hours to make it better.

  • ckoerner

    It’s important to remember that A LOT of people use the Twitter website over a mobile app. For them to focus their attention that experience makes sense, even if we disagree with their vision.