Some people call me the space cowboy, some call me the gangster of love


  • the drummer looks like that Japanese guy!

    Nice duds!

  • it’s fun looking at these old vids. And the Q is: what were you doing in ’73??

  • Cyborg Sam

    Love it! I listed to this on iTunes a week or two ago! I never saw Steve Miller live and never saw a tape/video until this one.

    In 73 I was in Ann Arbor going to UM, working in a motorcycle shop, getting into bicycling, and trying to hang on to my hippy days which were quickly fading with the changing times…

  • This song came out during my first year in junior high school. I hadn’t heard it, and wouldn’t know about it it for years, but anyone who knew my given name sang that goddamned lyric at me every time we passed in the corridors. Baffled, I had never hated the word “Maurice” more.

    And after all that? Not a bad tune.

  • I have known this song since before college (many, many years ago) and I still don’t know what a pompatous of love is. Miller’s pizmotality remains. 🙂

    • He made up his own words. Just like Shakespeare!

  • I love how he makes that Les Paul sound like an acoustic guitar! And the classic 70s big-ass bridge cover on the bass.

  • Chris

    An awesome song, and Steve Miller’s voice is pretty amazing back then, but isn’t this an American Bandstand-style lip-sync job? (And guitar and bass and drums and keys-sync). It sounds a little too exactly like the album and there’s no acoustic guitar in sight…