RIM posts less of a loss than expected

The company sold 7.4 million BlackBerry phones and 130,000 PlayBook tablets last quarter. Analysts on average predicted 6.9 million smartphones and 217,000 tablets. Apple, meanwhile, sold 5 million units of its latest iPhone in a single weekend.

Wow, that’s pitiful compared to the iPhone.

  • The news is made worse by the fact that Bloomberg can’t even read a press release correctly.

    Bloomberg said, “The company sold 7.4 million BlackBerry phones and 130,000 PlayBook tablets last quarter.” Yet RIM’s own press release says, “RIM shipped approximately 7.4 million BlackBerry smartphones and shipped approximately 130,000 BlackBerry PlayBook tablets.” Big difference between “shipped” and “sold”, Bloomberg.

  • yes, it’s called ‘dumbing things down’

  • Matt W

    So losing less is good, but making slightly less than crazy estimates is bad.

  • Sharon_Sharalike

    The stock is up 22.4%. That would be like AAPL jumping to about $835 tomorrow. They lost $235M. Apple makes more than $300 profit per phone. That means that when Apple starting taking preorders at midnight, they had earned more than that by about 9:30am.

    • I heard that the stock was up on my way to work. This is one thing I’ll never understand about the stock market. Seems like it’s all about expectations instead of performance. RIM loses less than expected and price goes up because they beat expectations. Apple sells less than expected at a product launch and the price goes down. But you tell me which is the better, healthier company. Crazy system we have.

  • Steven Fisher

    If RIM is profitable per unit, 7.4 million units would represent some reasonable profit.

    Not trying to pump up RIM here; I can’t stand them. But there are apparently still fools in this world.

    • Steven Fisher

      Guys! I’m sorry about this post. I’ve been drinking, and clearly I’ve drunk too much if I’m even close to defending RIM.

      Let them die in a pool of their own vomit, choking on their own teeth.

      No, wait. That’s way too far.

      Well, a little too far.

      • Mike S

        Pettiest comment I’ve read in a while.

  • Mike S

    RIM just can’t catch a break here. Even when they do better than expected its still not good enough. Damning with faint praise is the best Jim can muster.

    I really hope that RIMs new phones ship Q1 and help turn things around. With Windows Phone not gaining much traction there is room for RIM to come back.

    I really don’t understand the RIM hate here. Apple schooled them big time and they haven’t been able to come up with a compelling product yet. But they’re trying and recent reports on the Verge make it sound like BB10 is a step in the right direction. They have learned from their mistakes and paid dearly.

    Competition is good for everyone. While I will probably never own a BB I still want the company to succeed. Especially as a Canadian.