Marissa Mayer lays down the law at Yahoo

Mayer’s rule: If a new product can’t be shipped in six months, and if it doesn’t have a realistic shot of reaching 100 million users or generate $100 million toward the company’s top line, then Yahoo will no longer bother.

It’s no secret that I like Mayer and it’s because of things like this. Tell your employees what you want and expect them to meet those expectations.

  • JDSoCal

    Looks like Yahoo search will be shutting down.

  • Doesn’t this mean they can’t make any long-term project plans?

    • No. It means that a project needs to be in a shippable state very quickly. It doesn’t mean it can’t be a part of a larger long-term strategy, or that it can’t be upgraded. In case it isn’t obvious, it also doesn’t mean it has to reach 100 mil users in 6mo (since those 6mo are the time it’s in development), but it realistically has to have a chance of getting that amount of users, if things are done right.

      For example: Perhaps they can’t ship usable world-wide maps within 6mo, but they can cover part of US East Coast, and then iterate. It’s not completely unrealistic to reach 100 mil users either, except that there’s enough competition already that it’s a hard thing to do.

      I don’t know what they could work on, to be honest, but her statement definitely doesn’t mean they can’t have long-term goals.

  • If I could, I’d work for Yahoo right now purely because of Mayer. She’s a gem!

  • Sure they can. Just split up the feature-set.

  • Steve Miller’s Joker song keeps coming to mind now. “..cutest thing that I ever did see…” She is hot. And something about peaches and shaking your tree? Was it a coincidence those stories ended up together in the lineup? 🙂

  • so… are they going to fix Flickr? it could come back from the dead really really quick.