Mac Game Store app released

From hard-core shooters to amazingly fun casual games, thousands of quality Mac games are available for purchase and download. Explore the latest demos, dive into the best sellers, or check out the newest indie gems.

The beta is over and the final version is available for download.

  • I’m not happy with something like that, I’d rather the authors find a way to get their apps on the regular Mac App Store. Steam and these other apps don’t play well with the built-in update mechanism, and require their own maintenance. If technical problems arise that prevent game authors from using the Mac App Store, they should work with Apple to overcome them. No way I’m downloading this 3rd party app store. My opinion of course.

  • (sorry, refresh problems made me post twice) I wish these games were also just available in the Mac App Store, not fond of having to install 3rd party app stores. Maintenance, ease of use on all my Macs, etc.

  • Steven Fisher

    Were I Apple, I would be looking for a way to kick their ass for the name.

  • Steven Fisher

    Edit: Removed complaint about missing comment. Disqus is having a stroke today.