iPhone 5 launch was ‘epic’

I don’t understand how some analysts could say the launch was disappointing.

  • Buckeyestar

    Because admitting that they were simply wrong undermines their credibility, as if they actually have any to begin with.

  • Mother Hydra

    I think this is further evidence that entrenched media will not and often cannot hold itself to a high journalistic standard. Agenda is the item of the day to write an article around wether that article is tech or politic is irrelevant. I’ve stopped reading Giz and Engadget for this reason and Josh from the Verge has me seriously considering abandoning their network save for the long-form articles.

  • Analysts can easily say anything they want. They’ve been doing it for years. What people seem to forget is that when analysts offer predictions, they’re just that: a personal prediction – NOT FACT.

    These asshats are wrong about Apple about 90% of the time. It’s beyond me why anyone pays any attention to them at all; particularly Gene (Herman) Munster, who’s monthly “Apple will ship a TV set any week now” proclamations have been so off for years now.

    • DT

      Watch, months (years?) from now if Apple does actually ship a TV he’ll be first out of the gate with … “See, I don’t you so!”

      • Oh I’m absolutely sure you’re right about that. He won’t pass up the chance to brag about pointing out the obvious. Until then, I’m sure we can look forward to an “Apple is working on the iPhone 6” headlines to hold us over.

        • DT

          Didn’t realize you had followed up, haha, iPhone 6 speculation? I’m already there. (Looking at you finger print reader and A7 😀 )

          I also didn’t realize I typo’ed with “See, I don’t you so”, though I think I like that as sort of contracted phrase, like when you want to tell someone “Told you so”, but didn’t actually tell them in the first place…

  • ss121

    All but the first of the points from the link could be simply due to a decrease in stock at launch compared to the 4S, which seems consistent with the ‘low’ 3 day sales numbers. So all we’ve learned after this is that Apple is selling as many iPhones as they can make at the price they want, which is all a company can hope for.