What the ever loving fuck is RIM doing?

A message from RIM to its developers. Nice guitar tone though.

  • madness comes before death.

  • Instead of putting the money together for writing and producing that video, maybe they could have used that to do anything to improve their phones for their brand? All that shows me is that they’re clueless to stop the ship from sinking.

  • “…goin to keep on lovin’ you…”

    Jesus wept

  • Kenny

    How do these things get approved?

  • Vinland

    Jon siddle – you are short sighted. The platform is almost done and the new hardware is completed. What they need now is to get devs onboard. Hence the video.

    • Good. A filked anthem should do the trick.

    • If this is your idea of a good idea from RIM, then your clearly as clueless as this company! Parroting anything RIM says is a short ways from insanity

  • I’m with you, Kyle…..and wept and wept…..

  • Obsidian71

    Awesome. Just sold my iPhone 5 and will be moving to Blackberry 10 based on this love song.

  • If you make it all the way to “Do REO Speedwagon cover and post on YouTube” in your corporate recovery checklist, you are in some seriously deep kimchee.

    • No kidding – a cover is lame. The winning move would be to ACTUALLY HIRE REO SPEEDWAGON to record a new version with the B10 lyrics.

  • The problem with RIM, apparently, is that none of their Vice Presidents are drummers.

  • Homeboy11153

    So this video is the only think u took from their announcements this morning? Being a fanboy most be exhausting. Instead of posting any of the in depth looks at the new os u pick the most minuscule item to poke fun at. Smh.

    • Matt W

      Sadly, this was the bet part.

    • Jim H

      This was the most interesting.

  • This is one of those videos that you watch in a corner with headphones, or close the door to your office, simply to make sure that NOBODY sees you watching it, because if they do, they’ll know your geekdom has no boundaries and they’ll be wondering WTF is wrong with YOU.

    Yeah, it’s THAT kind of video.

  • Oh dear. RIM, making MS look hip.

    Unfortunately this is going to be the one thing people do remember about whatever announcement they had this morning.

  • This is on par with some of those awful corporate anthems that made the rounds a few years ago, like KPMG’s.

    Maybe they’d have done better covering “Please Please Me.”

    • Well, at least they took some advice from the Beatles… “take a bad song and make it badder”

  • gjgustav

    This video would have been more appropriate if they loved their devs in the first place. I’ve never encountered a more onerous sign-up procedure in my life. And then finding all the tools (second-rate at that) and documentation is a nightmare.

    If RIM loves their devs, they have a funny way of showing it.

  • clearzero

    This is amazing. It must be watched with keen focus to really appreciate how horrible it is. I give RIM credit for one thing. I thought it was impossible to out do MS with uncomfortable moments at a keynote. That turns out to be a red hot negative.

  • I can’t wait for RIM to release their next video… for me to poop on.

  • Mother Hydra

    Chaps I really tried to sit through this, but alas it was just inducing douche chills.

  • Why does he call me a baby?

  • quietstorms

    Why do white people do this stuff?

    • Lack of taste and self-awareness, usually.

  • Sorry, missed all the troll posts, was busy singing along and laughing.

  • Gordon Shephard

    I don’t get what’s up with all the hate – has Apple, Microsoft, or Google ever released anything that demonstrates this level of talent at the VP+ level? I’ll leave it to the Beard to pass judgement as to whether they were really playing their instruments – but it certainly looked like they were. Apple makes the claim at every one of their keynotes to have “Music in their DNA” – but it takes the VPs of Developer Relations, Platform, and Business affairs at RIM to show them how to rock out.

    • Gordon, don’t ever change. I just want to keep on loving you.

  • The funniest thing is that they just hired this guy to come-up with these ridiculous market strategies that are consistently appropriate for RIM’s business-model: DON’T CHANGE A THING!! LOL

  • Zev Eisenberg

    Been watching old “Whose Line is it, Anyway?” episodes. This reminds me of the songs they used to make up off the top of their heads on the show.