Samsung phones can be reset by clicking a link

Click a link and your phone resets. Perfect, open wins.

  • Cameron Bales

    Previously Rick-rolling was the worst/funniest thing that could happen when you click a link.

  • Open has nothing to do with it but I’m sure you know that.

    • kibbles

      the statement is a counter point to the equally silly notion that open is better simply by being…open.

      • Lukas

        Actually, “open” is better. On my Nexus 7, I can toggle a switch that lets me install apps from outside of the Play Store. I can install a different OS. I can develop for the device without paying 100 bucks for the privilege. My iPhone can’t do any of these things, and I really wish it could.

        You may say that you don’t care about these things, but you can’t claim that they’re not advantages.

  • Matt W

    They should patent that.

  • tylernol

    they should add s-reset to the feature list in that new ad campaign of theirs.

  • This is a massive overreaction, there’s an OS update on its way to rectify the problem and users can just update their…oh.

  • Apple implemented a similar feature in an earlier version of iOS. So this really is just Samsung copying again!

  • Lukas

    The iPhone has had a number of similar “visit a web page to get hacked” security issues. Just saying, this has (once again) nothing to do with “open”.