Funny how people people can take a successful iPhone 5 launch and try to say it’s disappointing.

  • jhorneck3723

    Do these guys ref football games too?

  • Phranky

    Well, we’re now the 800 lbs. gorilla. I figure it goes with the territory.

    • Jim H

      Yeah, I guess it will take a little while to get used to. Somedays I miss the old days of small groups of Mac users. But yes, it is par for the course I guess.

  • It actually is a disappointing launch.. for the millions of fans who wanted a launch weekend phone and couldn’t find one.

  • Something HAD to be a disappointment…….same bullshit happens EVERY product release. Note all the other negative crap: Lightning suppliers struggle…;no new map app (GOOG Chairman); early adopters experiencing issues…; Foxconn worker riot; ….ad infinitum!

  • Well, it got them a link from Gruber and, indirectly, from you didn’t it? Saying it was a success probably wouldn’t have.