RIM deathwatch

“This is the first quarter we are expecting zero subscriber growth – a loss in enterprise [customers] offset by a small gain in international consumer subs,” said Kris Thompson of National Bank Financial. “Starting next quarter, we see the sub base in a downward spiral with Blackberry 10 potentially slowing [the losses], but we’re not holding our breath.”


  • PDelahanty

    Is there a “Taps” ringtone for Blackberry?

  • Wow! That’s shocking.

  • Mike S

    I’m sure you and Gruber will be dancing on their grave.

    • Nobody with any sense is happy to hear about the loss of a formerly important part of the industry, especially if you’re thinking about how many people they employed at their peak.

      • Mike S

        You wouldn’t know it the way RIM is treated here.

        • Context. Jim has written more than a bit here about how important RIM has been to the Canadian tech economy, and about how disappointed he is in the way their leadership allowed their arrogance to destroy the company. This is more about disappointment than schadenfreude.

  • grovberg

    I like how analysts are worthless when talking about Apple, but held as unyielding prophets of truth when saying bad things about Apple’s competitors.

    • kibbles

      that’s because they’re so often completely wrong when talking about Apple. RIM? not so much.

    • So RIM’s subscriber base and sales aren’t eroding? They aren’t burning thru their cash? They haven’t failed to release a compelling product in two years and their new OS isn’t three years behind?