Apple TV update

Among the things we like in the new Apple TV software (in addition to the obligatory stability and performance fixes) is the ability to easily save multiple iTunes accounts and switch between them, support for Shared Photo Streams and AirPlay broadcasting from Apple TV to other devices

Sounds like a huge update.

  • Still no fix for podcast unwatched indicators?

  • Whoa, Apple TV network options can now be set by Apple Configurator. Looks like Apple is getting ready to put the Apple TV in corporate environments. This makes me happy

  • Multiple Apple IDs? Maybe a precursor of multiple accounts allowed in iOS on the iPhone and iPad? That would be huge and allow for a lot easier management of things in families who share an iPad.

  • connectionfailure

    I installed it yesterday and almost couldn’t believe… that I had. I couldn’t even notice any difference, everything still looks the same. I can’t even choose the font, background or any decent screensavers. Another boring update.