About iPhone 5 sales

Eric Slivka:

Marshall notes that many of those first-day pre-orders, as well as ones made after that date, have yet to be delivered, and thus Apple can not yet count them as sold.

That would boost the sales numbers by quite a bit.

  • Endlesskoke133

    Thanks for letting us know that, fanboy.

    • thenewperson

      You’re cool.

    • deviladv

      Thanks for letting us know your an ass, we appreciate it.

    • Define “us,” please.

  • Ron Miller

    Telling how many units were sold doesn’t really seem that meaningful given that they haven’t even been able to come close to meeting demand. The numbers simply state how many were manufactured.

    • How is number of units sold not meaningful, unless you’re talking about a company that can’t sell any?

      • Ron Miller

        What I meant to say was that if demand exceeds supply, then saying how many sold is only saying how many Apple was able to make. I guess that is meaningful, but I think that knowing the demand is more interesting than knowing the supply.

        • From a reader’s standpoint, that’s probably true. But when we’re talking raw dollars & cents, nobody cares about what could be, only what is.

          Most other manufacturers only quote SHIPPING numbers – which does not equate to sales. Apple does the opposite, so what they’re basically saying here is that we’re going to sell every single phone we can make. Some others make a ton of phones, and never end up selling them to end users – only to have to either buy them back from resellers or write them off as a loss.