The Samsung Galaxy Shit

Funny stuff.

[Via Redmond Pie]

  • If this is a shining example of creatives using Apple products then Apple people truly are pissing their money away. “Funny stuff” only in how bad it is. Surely you could find a better attempt at parodying the Samsung ads than that Jim? Terrible.

    • VGISoftware

      Parody, schmarody. The Samsung ad is a parody itself (desperation–gotta do SOMETHING about those huge Apple sales figures!) of Apple culture.

      Yeah, the “answer” vid to the Samsung ad is crap, and not all that “creative.” So what? It’s still funny.

      The only thing that matters is sales to end users and profits. Those are the bottom line for all of us–Apple and its customers. Those are FACTS as opposed to all your stupid OPINIONS.

      As long as those factual statistics continue to uptrend, not much else matters.

      If you can’t tell the difference between FACT and OPINION you’re insane.

      “Pissing their money away”? Another stupid opinion. Stupid because you simply have no clue about the real value of Apple products.

      • JohnMiller2013

        2 years later, the game continues. People continue to get personally offended when someone does not share their opinion about what silly little gadgets they carry in their pockets. Ugh.

  • LMFAO. Android fanatics are mad.

  • Alextheukrainian

    Niiiice. Needs better production quality but great direction.

  • I couldn’t make out a lot of it but parts were funny. 😀 I think upset iPhone users may catch on and make better one’s, it won’t be hard.

  • Spleck

    Turn on closed captioning.

  • This is hilarious. I actually kind of liked the mumbly, cavalier delivery. Sets the right tone – this add is lame, here’s my take on it, no effort required.

  • Anne

    samsung is so shit never buy it!!! i had it for 3 days and the screen went to black and white… WTFFF

    • stefin

      can’t agree more

  • Samsung-is-real-shit

    I have both the Samsung and Apple. I came up to this site because I googled “Samsung is shit”.

    • JohnMiller2013

      Wow, you have the Samsung and the Apple?! You must be the Illuminati to have such power to own competing multinational corporations 😀

  • LolMan,MeGusta

    samsung is just a copycat, look at their flexible phones, it’s not innovation, it’s pure copying from nokia back from 2007

    • JohnMiller2013

      The game of speculating who “invented” ideas is entirely vain. You don’t know who originally thought of flexible screens. It was probably conceived of long before any Nokia employee ever suggested it.

  • papa

    I am so sick of crappy second rate Samsung products. Phone, full of problems and bugs and constant updates and constant conflicts with the updates. Why isn’t anything tested instead of making the public guinea pigs at their expense. Crappy Samsung monitor blew up recently like all of their screens do with capacitor issues and when I contacted them they dismissed me like a piece of crap. Probably cos the problem is like an epidemic. Fuck you Samsung